details of December

katie 4052 you won the coldstone beans! e-mail me to claim your prize ( More prizes to come this weekend, but first… my post!

I’m especially aware of my details right now, after all I’m putting together a whole class on stuff like this! I love December. Even Krispy Kremes are festive.




I’d like to thank Elizabeth for asking her daddy to bring these home on his way from work. (the ‘KK’ is near his work- nowhere near home).

This is just one tiny holiday detail to love and scrapbook. (If you didn’t know- I’m BIG on scrapbooking seasonal delights and details…) Take a minute today to find something delightful, delicious, and that in some small way makes your life a bit merrier. Even if just for a few minutes.

9 thoughts on “details of December”

  1. Don’t you just love doughnuts!!? I have been making it my mission to just enjoy the details…today its my crock pot full of yummy soup!

  2. I listened to your talk about the Big Picture Class~it sounds fun! I’m still on “Safari” and need upgrading and computer lessons before I could do something like that!
    I love the sprinkles on E’s lips!

  3. Great pics. You know, I’ve never tried a Krispy Kreme donut. There aren’t any KK stores near me. I think you have to go to the city to find them.

  4. we used to have Krispy Kreme around here & they were just yummy………..last time I had one was at Mall of America this past summer.

  5. We have no Krispy Kreme near us…thank goodness! 🙂 It’s better that way… 🙂 I’m so excited to have won the Jelly Beans! 🙂 Thanks so much!

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