fun in the city

Yesterday turned into a trip to San Francisco- and two of my favorite areas. Union Square and the Ferry building. Both rich in food, shopping, and sweet treats!


Love the HUGE tree in the square. I also adore how the shops all around range from high fashion like Chanel and Gucci to Nike town, Williams Sonoma, Borders Books, and of course Britex Fabrics (aka heaven on earth!). So many shops- really anything you might need or think of!

Now if I had to choose 1 building to spend all my days in (never leaving) it would be the Macys. It’s got a Ben & Jerry’s, Godiva, Wolfgang Puck cafe, Tom’s Cookies, Cheesecake factory and more so I’d eat WELL. It also has every kind of clothing, shoe, make up, and accessory a woman could need as well as bedding and home stuff too. Yes, you could spend some serious time in the Macys. (sigh)


Since we were all there, I didn’t have much time for Britex Fabrics. That’s probably a good thing for my budget, but at least I did sneak in for 15min and get some new purple and pink buttons…


After lunch we hopped on down to the embarcadero area and visited the ferry building. It is so full of yummy places- from meats to chocolate… and even a stand from a patisserie I’ve been meaning to visit forever- Miette! They have a confiserie in another location- I’ll have to check that out another time. This was a fun stop, and filled my head with so many pretty things and tasty treats!



So many cakes and treats…. so little room in my bag to take them home!!


Well that’s just a few highlights of our day. I’ll be back with gift #4 before you know it- have a great Friday!

20 thoughts on “fun in the city”

  1. Wow…that looks like a fabulous place!

    We have a Macy’s but nothing like that involved!

    Oh my on all the pretty treats …both edible and not!!

  2. I’ve never been to that Macy’s building before…sounds like fun!! My sister lived in San Francisco and she took me around to different places. I’ll have to ask her if she ever went there. Also, I have never heard of Britex Fabrics. (Maybe because I don’t sew much.)

  3. Wow May what a lot of fun you had in the BIG city. Those buttons are beautiful and the pastries look lushous!!

  4. It looks like you had a great day 🙂 I’ve never been to San Francisco but I certainly would love to visit all of those wonderful places. The Christmas tree is gorgeous and I am lovin’ those buttons! Thanks for sharing!

  5. thanx for sharing your pictures May……I love Christmas lights & decorations and doubt if I will ever be in your city so seeing them thru your eyes in wonderful.

  6. Oh, San Fran all decorated in Christmas. I kinda miss it. Although I missed the snow when I lived in Cali. I’m a little weird. Thanks for showing us the pics I really enjoy remembering.

  7. That looked like it was a very cool trip and if only our Macy’s had all those yummy spots in it. :0(

  8. MAY! i wish i would have known you were there! we could have met up for a bit. it looks like you were very busy, and you were definitely better at remembering to take photos than i was. ah well. :]

  9. Looks like some serious damage can be done to the old wallet in places like those. Someday I’d love to visit Macy’s. I’ve heard about it but never been there. (we don’t have Macy’s in Ontario, Canada)

  10. What a fun day in The City! Christmas time is so fun there… all the decorations and lights! (And TREATS!)

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