First off, prize #2 winner is Jennifer Muller! congrats- shoot me an e-mail to claim your prize. I’ve got plenty more up my sleeve friends… including these yummy treats.


Yes, these are coldstone inspired jelly bellies. MMMM. All the yum, only a fraction of the calories! If you’d like to win leave a comment here- I’ll be drawing the winner by morning! Winner drawn!

Yes indeed- it’s time for more sweets. Coldstone Jelly Bellies. MMMM. Leave a comment to be entered to win!

19 thoughts on “PRIZE #3:”

  1. I’m just curious to know if life actually gets any better than combining Cold Stone AND Jelly Belly? I’m thinking No! Thanks for the giveaways!

  2. Have you ever visited the Jelly Belly factory? It’s in Kenosha, WI and we went once and seriously thought I would die. I wanted to eat and eat and eat! You could buy the “defective” beans for really cheap. I bought too many. I didn’t want jelly beans for a while after that. I am over it now though. Thanks for the creative giveaway.

  3. yummy-yummy Coldstone–Never have had the jelly beans but if they are anything like the icecream….they will be terrific! Q

  4. These look delicious!!!! 🙂 Never tried them before…but can’t go wrong with Coldstone! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win something yummy!

  5. Oh how cool…I love jelly bellys! And, I haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying these new ones, so yes, please throw my name in the hat! Thanks for the chance to win, May 🙂

  6. Me! Me! Me! I have only been to Coldstone’s once! lol That was only because a group of friends & I went scrapbook shopping, and one of our friends was major preggers at the time. She was having a SEVERE craving for Coldstone’s, so of course, we had to do our duty & keep her company while we all indulged ourselves on Coldstone’s.

  7. MMMM not normally a jelly bean person but Jelly Bellies are the exception! FAB U LOUS!!!!!

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