that which shall not be spoken.

that is how I mention “cleaning the studio” without saying that’s what I’m up to around here. Since I’ve never actually gotten the studio all the way clean and all.  But this time is it! I have more hope because all my previous efforts are showing up and helping. What do I mean? Well there’s good organization and a lot of stuff where it’s supposed to be under the surface clutter. HELPFUL for sure. Anyhow- here’s some photos of my desk which is almost clean.

I really do love the drawers I got from the hardware store years ago. It was like $15 and works SOOO good for my purposes!

These candies are sugar covered jelly-like GOODNESS. Got them from and I’m gonna need more soon. love them so much!!!

Brilliance ink = rock star awesome. Love the tiny size because it’s so much easier to store and love the bit of sparkle that the pads have. When I want flat ink I use Ranger, when I want sparkle to it I use these. Coffee Bean is my #1 color.

I have finally put some of my delightful little containers into use ON my desk. SO happy to look at them AND use them for something other than making clutter.

So there it is! My patterned paper crate needs serious clean/purging… but that’s a chore for another day. Today I need to clean the desk that computer normally lives on (note in picture computer is on crafting desk! that won’t do!

I’ve got some mighty fun give-aways this week. First up? I have about four Fiskars Squeeze punches (used), and random other fabulousness that I’m purging and cleaning. Want it? Stay tuned. Post coming shortly…

PS- Rebecca still sick, nobody else sick yet. She’s feeling a bit better though!

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  1. I love the hardware containers…they remind me of my dad, he always had tons of them in his workshop and I want some too. They are great for organizing the little things!

    Love all your containers, (especially candy!) so many brads! I’ve never seen those little ink pads. Cute!

    I’m trying to surround my workspace with pretty , practical and colorful things..especially things that I will be using. Love being able to see supplies and have them inspire me at the same time!

    Hugs to Rebecca!

  2. Looks great May!!! 🙂 I haven’t found an organization system that works for my space yet….I think it takes awhile to figure that out!

    Hope Rebecca feels better soon!!!

  3. Awww feel better soon Rebecca! Woo hoo for you getting that all cleaned up and looking pretty (and with a sick child too).

  4. Wow! Nice job! I wish my desk would look like that! It just doesn’t want to and I don’t like to force it to do something it doesn’t want to do. Or something…

  5. This looks fab! But now I want some of that candy. I’m also thinking that your really, really clean room needs something. A decorator’s accent… Hmmmm. Maybe a mannequin head? Maybe we should all buy her and send her to each other as a visitor. A potentially evil visitor. LOL!

  6. Wow that is tidy and organised, I wm thinking I need some of those draws you got from the hardware shop – they would be perfect for all those little bits.
    Glad Rebecca is feeling a little better.

  7. Looks like you’re getting a lot done. I love those ink pads too!! Sorry the little one is still sick, but glad she’s feeling a bit better.

  8. oh man……congrats on the clean space….this really is on my desperately-need-to-do-list…LOL. I almost can’t craft is such a disaster…..eeeeek!!!!!!! You have just given me some incentive to start on it ….tomorrow……before any more DT stuff comes my way!!!! lol I actually want to move to the larger room next to my craft room but need to get the florescent lights fixed…..arghhhh!!!! lol

  9. Looks good.

    Clean room, your baby is feeling better and no other ailing family members, sounds like it’s going to be a good week.

  10. Loving all those great shots. . . I don’t have a room and we are having company on November 8th and have to start finding the dinning room table soon or I will have to stick it all in the closet and put a yellow police tag across it!

  11. Doesn’t it feel great to get things all orderly and in it’s place. I need to get a little orderly myself but it’ll have to wait til I get some crafty things done to sell at the school by me. Those teachers just love to buy stuff!!

  12. May! It looks sooo good!
    It looked good when I was there too though… I’m totally going to channel you this week as I attempt to organize, clean, and purge. :]
    I think I might pick up one of those little three drawer things like you have on the top shelf… ok maybe more than one. ha.

  13. Wow! Your desk definately looks impressive. I can’t wait to see all the creativity that comes from having a clean desk.

  14. Wow! VERY impressive clean work space!!! I’ve been trying to keep mine up. It stays until I try to do more than 1 LO. lol

  15. I have to say, it is refreshing to see a workspace that looks about the same size as most people can have in their house. Maybe after my kids move out I will get a whole room to myself 🙂

  16. Im so jealous of how your room is neat, and organized !!!! You inspire me to get up right now and do this !!! I can do this !!!

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