quick! a note from me:

  • Rebecca has a virus (hand, foot, mouth?) it reminds me of chicken pox, except without itching and with sores in her mouth. 🙁 That’s where I’ve been, in case you’ve been wondering. Gotta give her plenty of time and love since there is no ‘get better quick’ option. Seriously hoping none of the rest of us get it!
  • I’m cleaning the studio after having to tear it apart so that a window could be installed (desk sits in front of window… so everything got tore up)
  • oops. forgot. Not allowed to say I need to, or am currently cleaning studio as Jason swears I’ve never actually gotten it clean, so seems an oxymoron or something to him. (sigh)
  • Finding hidden treasure to give away HERE!!! I swear! SOON!
  • Now, where did I bury the camera?

21 thoughts on “quick! a note from me:”

  1. Oh, dear! Foot and Mouth is SUCH a miserable little virus for kids! I am so sorry that you are dealing with that! I hope she gets better soon!!! And I totally understand on the “clean” and “organized” scrapbook room!

  2. Best of luck with the hand, foot and mouth. It’s really awful for them. There’s no quick fix and I bet she’s just miserable. Hang in there!

  3. Hope she feels better soon. My sister’s son had this virus and he also had one called The 5th Disease?? I had never heard of either one! Of course my oldest is 25yr and youngest is 18. But the grandkids 8, 5, & 3 have not gotten these.

  4. ooo…yuck…hand, foot, mouth is just terrible. my dh caught it from my ds one year and they were both just miserable. i hope you all stay healthy!

  5. So sorry to hear Rebecca has that virus~no fun. Hope nobody else in your family gets it… take care!

  6. Yuck on the hand, foot mouth. My kids both had it two weeks ago, and it was horrible. I haven’t ever seen them that sick for so long (they’re 3 and 1), and it was a full week before they were both back up to steam, and my one year old still has spots that are clearing up on her legs…The doctor wouldn’t give any medicine, but he told me to mix mylanta and benedryl (sp?) and dot the sores in the mouth with it. It made it a little more comfortable for the kids than when they went without it….Good luck, and I hope they get well soon!

  7. Give Miss R all the love and care she needs that is what is important now and I hope that it does not move to anyone else in your family,

    Would you tell Jason he can come help clean and organize my house for me I can not seem to get that done lately!

  8. Feel better to Rebecca, my sons friend has HFM…hoping we don’t end up with it!

    Hugs to all !

  9. I know what you are going through, my son Riley had hand, foot and mouth … twice!!! Not much you can do but wait for it to go away 🙁 Hugs for Miss R

  10. Poor Rebecca! I’d never heard of HFM disease so I did a quick look up. Poor thing! I hope that she feels better soon. It’s so hard when the little one’s are sick & they don’t understand. Hope she’s tearing around soon.

    Seems like all I do is clean & organize my studio but I am sure that I have little visitors in the night that mess it up again. lol

  11. Oh my. Poor Rebecca!! Hopefully it is all over soon and she is all better and running you around again!! 🙂

  12. My older son had that this summer. He kept complaining that his mouth hurt, but I didn’t know why until a few days later the rash/spots showed up. We had been bathing him with his baby brother and everything the whole time! But, the baby never got it-good luck to you!

  13. Last winter I had hand/foot/mouth. It was going around in our congregation (we had 100 children under the age of 8). Somehow I got it and my baby didn’t! Hope she feels better soon!

  14. Sorry to hear about your baby’s misery. Not fun for any of you I imagine.

    I don’t know how my scraproom always gets messy. I think I have it so organized and then, suddenly it’s not. Good luck with yours!

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