(purging) give-away time!

Photo when desk was in-progress, and envelopes were getting stuffed…

I would really like the stuff I’m giving here to go to crafters in need of a boost to supply stash. Places where they’ll be loved and used. I really cringe when I have to purge the stash, but it does indeed happen, and in addition to sharing with the local school I like to share with you all as well. I feel good that the stuff I give away will go and be used happily somewhere in this world. (yes, I get attached to my supplies!) So here’s what I’ve got:

– envelope from cleaning journaling paper/tag drawer

– box with 4 squeeze punches (used) and other random fun stuff that fit

– envelopes with papers + embellishments (some kit bits and some random)

If you have a preference feel free to state it in your comment. Otherwise, I’ll enter you for any/all of the goodies here. I’ve got more, oh yes. More goodies. But first I want the purged boxes ‘o fun to get new homes!!!

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  1. I would love for a chance to receive some goodies. Old to you is new to me and I tend to use my newer stuff first. I have room too, I just did a purge myself. Feels good.

  2. My home would be a loved home. 😉 No scrapbook stores in my small town, not even Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Any packet would be loved. Thanks for purging!

    Lisa in rural Texas

  3. I would LOVE whatever…..scrapbooking stores are few and far between here in Saskatchewan, so anything would be FAB.
    I don’t mind used.

  4. I would love to have one. I am getting my 8 year old niece Hailee into scrapping..she loves it and I would love to share this with her. Thanks

  5. I would love some goodies from your stash, I am just starting out, and need some scrappy goodness. I am a single mother of four, so not a lot of fundage for my supplies. Thanks

  6. Your craftroom looks so nice! I spied the Cosmo Cricket Halloween die cut sheet in your stash and smiled~love that line… and I have that hardware storage/organizer too~love it, even if it is grey…. I keep thinking I’ll alter it somehow.
    I don’t have any die cut machine, electronic or crank type, and so I use punches a lot, but I don’t have any Fiskars squeeze type. I have been coveting the heart one, but it exspensive. (I’m a SAHM~limited income). I promise to give your punches a good home if I am lucky enough to win them, and will make you a thank you card using them. Thank you for generously sharing your purge goodies!

    I’m glad your daughter is feeling better and that nobody else in your family has gotten it!

  7. I would love the squeeze punches, and I would share with my daughter who also scraps (she is 13)
    We have one tiny scrap shop in our town, but they do not often get in new stock and it is a little difficult to feel the mojo when they aren’t although I do go and talk to them often about things I have seen or would like to see in the shop. I think the photograph side of their business is more important than the scrappy side

  8. I think it’s a crime to get rid of squeeze punches.. However i would be more than happy to give them a new home! I’m in the mist of cleaning my scrapping area and boy it’s a task.. Hope all is going well.. And i hope your little one is feeling better 🙂

  9. Oh, I would love some goodies! It would certainly perk up my week! My first pick would have to be the squeeze punches since my 2-year-old can do them on her own (with just supervision) and loves to use them for art projects, but any surprise would be loved! I hope Rebecca is on the mend soon!

  10. No goodies for me……….I’ve just done the purge myself! But good for you for making progress in your studio!

  11. Forgot to mention – I LOVE your studio! I’m completely inspired just looking at it!

  12. I would love any of these little packages of paradise, the squeese punch package would be a blessing as they only have a couple of varieties around here, but as I said any would be wonderful.
    And please rest assured they will be loved and well used, by me and my cropping friends.

  13. I am in need of some paper purging myself, but would love to be in on the squeeze punches. I have a couple already, but if I should happen to win one I already have I have “needing” friends (I still haven’t seen squeezes for sale here in Norway!).

  14. Well done for purging – and your desk looks great! Punches are probably too heavy to send as far away as NZ, but anything would be gratefully received by me – thanks for thinking of us all out here in blog-reader-land!
    (Btw, made your oatmeal choc chip cookies today and have eaten far too many of them they are soooo yummy!).

  15. I work for a small company, everyone voted to cut thier hours so that we did not have any layoffs. With the holidays coming, stress levels are a little high. I have scheduled a St. Nicks workship in the lunch room, One day a week. We will be working on little gifts and having fun, any of your stash would be welcome here.

  16. I would love for a chance to receive some goodies. I’m always willing to love a Squeeze punch (yes I am addicted). Squeeze Punches are next to impossible to find where I live. But then I’m open for anything…you have such cool toys in your stash. TFS!!

  17. We love squeeze punches around here ! They are easy enough the kids can do them with ease. Easy peasy squeezy ! LOL

  18. Thanks so much for thinking of us! I just purged some of my supplies and sent a huge box of goodies to my cousin (she’s 9.) I would (of course) like anything, but who doesn’t love those punches? 🙂

  19. I’m always looking for new stuff to use and to love 🙂 I often have a hard time using things – I often take them out, look them over and put them back – such a dork I am! Any new things (new to me) would be great…

  20. They will all have a good home with me, any of them appeal to me, I am going through a punch fetish stage right now though. lol

    Thanks for sharing !!!!!!

  21. I would love to love and care for your purged supplies! I love how we can be more economical and do better things for the environment by sharing the items that we won’t use. Thanks for doing this instead of throwing things away! I would happily adopt either the box with 4 squeeze punches (used) and other random fun stuff that fit OR the envelopes with papers + embellishments (some kit bits and some random)! Thanks so much!

  22. Seeing your progress makes me realize I really need to clean my scrap area! Good for you! I always hate to throw my stuff away also. I am going to a retreat in a few weeks, and I will be bringing along lots of things that need new homes. I guess I need new stuff to take it’s place! Thanks for a chance to win!

  23. I used one of these punches when I was at a crop recently and they are wonderful!!So easy to use especially for people like me with a little arthritis settling in my hands. Thanks so much for the chance to win these!!

  24. Oh I would love the envelope with the paper + embellishments! I’m hosting a scrap bash for 3 of my closest friends in a couple of weeks and I would love to be able to share some goodies with them.

  25. Oooh! A giveaway…count me in for all three. I am a new scrapbooker and am just getting my stash started really. So I’d be happy to have, and would use, any of those items! I’m actually taking your Recipes for Scrapbooking success class and loving it. So now I’ve got tons of ideas to implement, and could use more goodies! Thanks.

  26. Oh i would love to be included in your give away. I too am currently purging through my little stash and giving it to a friend who has just started in this scrapbooking world!!!

  27. Oooooooh!!! I would love the squeeze punches! Other than using them for some of my own personal stuff, I like to use them in my classroom too!!

  28. I would love to enter for my daughters. They are just starting to scrapbook and while yes they use Mom’s stuff, I know that they would love to have their own supplies. Especially my soon to be 9 year old. She has been using her hard earned cat sitting money to buy up some of her own supplies. This would just make Kristen’s day if she received some supplies for her own.

  29. Not having a LSS makes it tough to find the stuff I need or want. I am all for new punches as I am just getting started in that area.

    Love your crafting space.

  30. I would love to have a chance at giving some of your goodies a new home. I’d love any of it, but especially the squeeze punches! Thanks for sharing!!!

  31. It is always SO kind of you to share your goodies. Please do not put me in the drawing. I am feeling very grateful to be blessed with a wonderful stash of my own and I want yours to go to those crafters who need more stuff.

    Of course, I always want more stuff and don’t expect that to ever change. Heaven knows that I probably could craft for a year or more without actually buying more goodies (except for adhesive).

    Enjoy – I love the pictures!

  32. I would love to win some squeeze punches. I don’t have many. I actually have only one that I got from the dollar store. It is little tulip squeeze punch. Thanks.

  33. I am not choosy – I would enjoy anything that you sent May – I have been on a scrap spending freeze for quite some time now – and that is soooohard when all these new YUMMY goodies are coming out after CHA. I do not see myself lifting my scrap spending freeze until Jan at the earliest – ahhh the life of a single parent!!

  34. I would love any supplies. I stopped stamping a few years ago and gave away most of my supplies and am now back to stamping but my stash is low. Thanks so much for the opportunity and for your generosity. Have a great day.

  35. You know what they say, Some peoples junk is another woman’s scrapping treasure! I would love some of your goodies, no preference! Thanks.

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