When I have a lot of computer work in the evening and am by myself often I watch shows I’ve taped while working. I tape Saturday Night Live, and I find it to be a good work/watch because most episodes I don’t pay much attention to most of the skits except weekend update and maybe 1 or 2 others. They still have those great moments so I do like to keep up with it.

This week? This week was way better than usual. Reminded me of the 90’s when I *loved* the show. I couldn’t find clips for all the funny ones, but here are two hilarious ones. 

Mark Wahlberg visits.

Palin raps.

Now I’m going to stop laughing, and get back to work!

10 thoughts on “SNL”

  1. Cannnot stop laughing!! I used to love SNL also and skits like these make me want to DVR them.

  2. Thanks May my Kidney Dr told me i should see that clip yesterday and here it was you made it easy for me to find it thanks again!

  3. I used too LOVE SNL! Rosana Danna was my FAVORITE! I watched these clips yesterday. They were so funny!

  4. That Sarah Palin one was too funny! Thanks for the laugh.
    By the way, I picked up Wicked today.

  5. i missed it because i was totally sick and out of it, but did you hear that it was the most viewed episode in 14 years!

    i tried to hunt down the entire episode online, but it doesn’t seem to be up yet.

  6. I couldn’t sleep and I was flipping channels and happened on the “news” part of SNL and say this Sara Palin skit. Oh, you’re right it made me laugh so hard. And when I try to tell people about the skit I laugh uncontrollablly and usually look like an idiot.

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