hello Monday

No breaking in slowly to the week here! Nope, the day started at 530a and shows no signs of slowing down! I have some content to upload for my next Big Picture class (and a few other projects!), and then I’ll be back to share more tonight.

Right now I’m drooling over and wanting to check out this magazine:

It’ll have to wait for another day… just like the giveaway I’m working on for right here!!

14 thoughts on “hello Monday”

  1. OMG its 10:15 am here in Ohio and I want that for breakfast !!!!! It looks sooo yummy!!!!

    Want to thank you for the enchaladia (Spelling?) receipe a while ago – Ive made them twice now – we just love them !!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sounds like you are pretty busy! That mag looks like one I’d like to dive into, too! I may have to track one of those down!

  3. That is a killer picture May now I want some. . . Guess I am going to look for that Magazine some where out there. . .

  4. MMMM…..will you send me a piece of that yummy looking desert also. Salad is not looking as appetizing right about now.

  5. Don’t you just love Taste of Home magazine? I subscribe and don’t cook! Just love to look at the pics – A little guilty pleasure without the guilt!

  6. Life is not fair, I’m trying to lose weight and that looks too good. Maybe I should accept myself and make some cake today.

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