more S.L.

Here are the rest of the layouts I did as a guest for Scarlet lime…

The shirt I’m wearing in this layout is the owl shirt (that I copied for my owl in the ‘who’ page). This layout was fun- I did it last and was using any fun bits and pieces I still had that I wanted to see on a page. There is a beautiful brown sequins string in the kit, and I picked off the individual sequins to use as dots around my page. I had fun with this one FOR SURE!

This bear page… oh I just love how it came out. The journaling papers in the kit were great for a little longer journaling and I like how it added to the page. The circle flower embellishment I made (more on those later!) was way easy and fun, and I’m getting a wee bit obsessed with them, actually.

Last but not least is my she layout. The sassafrass paper used here gave me the sweats to use. Why? Because I was scared of cutting it!!! You’ve been there too, right? AHHH. I loved it SOOO much I was afraid of cutting it and messing it up. However- I’ve discovered chopping up a piece of paper (like this!) can be the best way to truly use and enjoy it. I was able ot get all my favorite parts to show up and I love this wild fun page. See the circle flowers? I told you I’m obsessed!

I also hand-wrote/cut the title on this one. I love how it turned out!

The flower on the bottom has a stitched edge of ribbon around it. I love those brown dimensional dots too.

Big THANK YOU again to Christy for having me as a guest. Had SOOO much fun!!! If you don’t already subscribe- I highly recommend it. I adore those kits!!

Ok, so I’ve got on my to-do list to make a post about my hand-written titles + my new circle flower obsession (I know it’s not new, but it’s new for me). First though I’ve got to dive into some stuff for BPS (last day to register!) and clean some things as well.

6 thoughts on “more S.L.”

  1. These pages are beautiful. I’m loving that orange viney stuff I’ve seen on a few of your pages here.

  2. Love them! I have that same Sassafrass paper just sitting there waiting for me to be brave enough to cut into it…

  3. Very, very cool work! I’m new to your site (have I been under a rock or what???) and am lovin’ your style. I also have the sassafrass paper and can’t bear to cut it! Glad to know it’s a shared sickness! Thanks for the link to the Scarlet Lime, too. I’m on inspiration overload!!

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