guest designer for Scarlet Lime!

When Christy e-mailed me a while back and asked me if I’d be a guest designer for Scarlet Lime ( I was over the moon excited!! I am a subscriber and totally LOVE her kits, and this last week playing with two October kits has been crazy fun.

You can check out all the fabulous-ness here:

I’ll share all the layouts I did here on my blog + some info about the making of them. This one I think is my favorite. Note that the white paper background is NOT part of the layout- I just used it for the neutral background so you wouldn’t have to see concrete!

I bought this T-shirt at Target that says night owl mystery book store and has this big owl on it. LOVE the T-shirt because I do read mysteries, am a night owl on occasion, and I love grungy/distressed looking Ts. SOOO… I traced the owl onto tissue, then cut him out twice- once the background in dark brown and then in detail with the patterned paper. Add a bit of pen work and some white eyes and we’re good!

Making your own paper piecing from an existing image really is a simple art- and one that adds a one-of-a-kind embellishment to your page too. The title I used an old trick I did a lot back in the day- I wrote backwards (yes, I can do that, you can too) and then cut out the “Who” from cordouroy fabric that was in the kit. I’ll have to share my technique for this- it really is easy and it saves a lot of money and you can make unique titles.

The Basic Grey stickers (borders and flourishes) included in this kit are truly drool-worthy. LOVED working with all of them. Looking at this photo and thinking about how much the girls have grown- and how different the next trip to Disneyland will be- really blows my mind.

Finally today here’s some photos of the girls + my sister and me at a train museum in Portola, CA. The color palette of this kit was perfect for the photos and yes, that’s Matilda’s work you see (stitching). I love that Christy puts unique trims in her kits- the leaf and the lace were fun to work with. Oh- and see that ticket stamp? Another (yes, there are many) thing I love about Scarlet Lime kits is that she always puts exclusive stamps in there. This one is way cute for sure.

I have three more layouts, and I’ll share about them here tomorrow. Right now I’m heading over to check in at my BPS class and see what students have been creating. (still time to sign up!)

Have a great day!

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  1. May, that owl embellie is AMAZING! I wondered how you got an embellishment that matched Rebecca’s shirt so well! lol

  2. oooooh May I just love the owl!!! All of the layouts are very nice 0 but that Owl is just outstanding!!

  3. LOVE your LO’s! I was reading hoping that you would tell me “who” the owl embellishment was from–you! WOW that it is awesome.

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