wednesday night-

  • going on self induced semi-lockdown to finish up some details on weeks 1 and 2 of my next BPS class (winter 09!) FUN stuff- just trying to edit and make sure I’m totally happy with everything before I turn in!
  • LeAnne wins the chipboard! CONGRATS! e-mail me to claim your prize.
  • waiting for Lipstick Jungle to be over so I can watch it (DVR/no commerical style)
  • having torrid flirtation with my amazon cart… so many books. want to read. NO! not until work is finished! I mustn’t!
  • speaking of amazon must write blog post about how it knows what I will like…
  • but first some much deserved veg-time and then good sleep. AH, sleep…

6 thoughts on “wednesday night-”

  1. I watched it yesterday at work, and OMG it’s a good one.. I just don’t know what’s going to happen now, i didn’t expect any of that!! Hopefully you enjoyed it! 🙂

  2. I LOVE Lipstick Jungle! I DVR it and start watching it about 20 minutes late so I can skip the commercials.

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