and then… and then…

oh man, I feel WIRED. So much so, I almost wonder what was IN that slurpee I just finished. It’s Monday, and you know how I *love* this first day of the week. The new windows (all of downstairs) are going in so I knew I had to get Rebecca out of here for a while and leave E and daddy to supervise. (good plan!) So I loaded up Rebecca and we went to Kohls where I bought these shoes that I am in total LOVE with. I need more CUTE in my fashion life. These are a good addition for sure.

then we went to GNC, Target, the window place to pay for the windows being installed, AAA (disneyland trip info!), the feed store (for a bale of straw for the yard decor), goodwill to drop some of her old clothes, 7-11, and our fave Mexican restaurant for take out.

all before 1130am.

PHEW! Then back home, feed everyone lunch, play with the girls, fold laundry, type out 30 e-mails, and put B down for a nap.

It’s 130pm. CRAZY! I’m pumped on the super efficient day I’m having and plan on keeping the momentum going. I still can’t spill the beans on my guest spot… but I will soon as I get word.

Right now? I’m climbing under the other desk… and I’m going to purge my chipboard stash. If you’d like an envelope ‘o chipboard (big padded one), then leave a message here! I’ll draw a winner on Wednesday.

Until my next post later today- happy Monday!

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  1. Wow! I’m inspired just reading your post! Maybe I’ll stay inspired to head out this afternoon (after naptime) and get some fun shopping done. I *love* those shoes – they look similar to some red ones I just got from Gottschalks (Madden Girl brand) – super cute and I can’t wait to wear them! Right now my daughter is having more fun wearing them around the house!

  2. Chipboard….well I don’t have much of that in my stash so I would love some leftovers and I promised that they will be put to good use.

  3. Man I loving those shoes but my heel days are over :0( you go girl those are great!

    You have got lots done that is for sure as I sit here wondering where to start on this mess of a house maybe I need a slurpee!

  4. I would love to receive some chipboard. Great shoes. I love Kohl’s. The closest one to me is 55 miles away.

  5. Super cute shoes! Can’t wait to find out what the guest spot post is all about…the suspense!!!! SPILL THE BEANS!

  6. Wow….congrats on getting so much done today…with a little one in tow! 🙂 Love the shoes….very cute! And….love chipoard! 🙂 So much you can do with it!

  7. I’m loving those shoes, girl! and I’m a willing party to chipboard any time I can get it!

  8. Wow – congrats on such a productive day!

    I’m loving the “recipes” class. I spent my day working outside by scrapping comfort zone!! Had a lot of fun and got a 2 page LO finished that has 15 pix!

  9. Cute shoes! I wish I could crawl under my desk & find goodies like you do. I did crawl under it today (still looking for my missing #8 scissors) and sadly there was nothing there. lol

  10. OH I SO LOVE THOSE SHOES!!!! I’ve just been thinking the same thing, I need some more girly things, a few heels and some bling to go with my birkenstocks!!! What brand are they?? I’ll have to have my Sis pick me some up at her Kohl’s, I’m way too far away!!

    I would so love a bag-o-chipboard from you, it would have to be totally awesome-just like May!!!

    Glad you had a productive day, wish I had.

  11. What a day for May! I love to check things off my to do list… just to make another list! 🙂

    Would love to be the proud recipient of your purged bag o’board!

  12. I love the first week of the recipe class. Productive days are awesome too! Thanks for doing the give aways – I enjoy dreaming about what I would do with it if I won! Have a great one!

  13. I’m tired just reading that post. Your chipboard would be very happy in my crafty room so feel free to send it along. 🙂

  14. wow I am tired just from reading your post – you go girl!! And those shoes are just SUPER-CUTE!!

  15. Love those shoes. I went to Kohls and Target this morning too, but didn’t end up with anything near as cute as those.
    Thanks for the chance to adopt some chipboard.

  16. Cute shoes! I was at Kohl’s today, too, but didn’t see those. Lucky girl!
    Hope the rest of your day was as productive.

  17. Oooh, chipboard. I love chipboard! LOVE the shoes. Very cute. Way to go on the productive day. I am hoping tomorrow is one for me!

  18. Almost bought those shoes today at Kohl’s myself, but went with a similar pair with no heel! Am having a great time with chipboard these days, would love some more to play with!!!!!

  19. Cute shoes!!!! And you gotta love chipboard. Wonder if I could find any under my desk? 🙂

  20. those are super cute shoes!!! and it sounds like you had a super productive day! Way to go!

  21. Those shoes are lovely – I wish I could find some like that, although I only wear flats to work lol.
    I hope the rest of your day went as well as the first part.
    I would love to win some of your left over chipboard.
    Thanks for the chance.

  22. Love the shoes…I wonder how they would look altered? LOL Don’t pick me for any chipboard…I am purging my own stuff!

  23. I am tired just reading about your day! You make me feel like a slacker! – Congrats on starting the week on such a high note – Aspromised Fiskateer #514

  24. Wow, I love your kind of day! and chipboard, love that too! I also like to clean out my stashes once in awhile and I give it to my sister who is just starting to scrapbook. That way, I can get new stuff and still have “use” of my old stuff when we get together to scrap!

  25. That’s one very busy day. I’m a girl who loves chipboard. I love the dimension . Awesome shoes!!! Are those up for a RAK?! lol

  26. Wow, I’m impressed with all that you finished in such a short period of time! Made me tired just reading it. Cute shoes! Anyway, I’d love to win some purged chipboard.

  27. I LOVE the shoes, i also saw these at Kohls after spending over 100 bucks and choose not to get them.. Hope they are as comfy as they look!!! I <3 chipboard, thanks for being soo sweet..

  28. Holy cow! I’d love to feel that productive in one morning. 🙂 Fab shoes! Bought some like that today…but with a lower heel. Too cute!

  29. Those shoes are adorable! Love them. I may be off to Kohl’s to check them out, myself! I’m amazed at how much you can do in a given day. I get that much done in a month! 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win the chipboard, by the way. I LOVE LOVE LOVE chipboard!

  30. Those are the cutest shoes. And yes, I’d love a chance at some chipboard since I’m a chipboard addict.

  31. No rest means shopping time for GREAT shoes. They are just too cool, so much so that if I were not 5’9″ I would be heading to Khols right now to find me a pair too 🙂 I really adore them!!! …almost as much as chipboard 😉

    Thanks for the RAK chance and let’s see some pics with the shoes on huh?
    Deborah #2644

  32. HI May! Cute shoes. I love shopping at Kohl’s, especially when they have the extra 15-30% off sales with you Kohl’s card!

    Thanks for this super great RAK! Chipboard is oh so fun!

    Carrie #4114

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