kit winner-

There will be more of these kits to come… stay tuned! This time, the lucky winner is kreativekate. E-mail me ( to claim your prize!

I’ve been working (mosty from bed, I admit!) and I’ve made 6 layouts so far in October. They’re all for a special guest spot that I’m doing… that I can reveal tomorrow! (here’s a peek…)

I hope you’re having a great weekend. I’ve been having a nice quiet (but insanely busy) one. I’ll reveal the layout peeked above and more soon…

9 thoughts on “kit winner-”

  1. corduroy!! i’m excited to see more. :]

    p.s. you keep getting me so excited about the online crop. i’m so sad that i’m going to be on vacation. sounds like i’m going to have to find some wifi so i can join in at least for a bit!

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