bad book aftertase is not a good thing.

Ok, if you know me at all then you know I love reading books. It’s as much a part of my life as crafting is… well almost. I’m especially drawn to happy (sometimes fluffy…) girlie books. I know, not the deepest reading but it’s got zero calories, so it’s better for me than sweets. (ha!) I also dabble some in action/mystery/adventure… but only on my terms which would make no sense to anyone else. Anyhow, recently I was convinced that I must read the “bubbles” series from Sarah Strohmeyer.

I’ve been immersed in Bubbles (yeah, that’s her name) world of Lehigh, PA for about 2 weeks now and have finished all six books. My verdict? If you’re a mystery fan- especially if you’re a Stephanie Plum fan- then you’ll probably love books 1-5. Yes, I said the first five. They all are super funny, fun, full of adventure and danger and truly left me feeling satisfied at the end of each.

In book six I was on edge throughout. It was very stressful to have so many things turned upside down, but I persevered knowing that at the end I *must* get rewarded with some good… I did not. When there were only about 10 pages left in the book I had an uh-oh moment where I knew it couldn’t possibly wrap up, and it didn’t. I was left with a “what the &#*$&@” reaction and very unhappy. Ugh. And, since it’s been about 2 years since that book released I’m going to venture a guess that the series is done and over. Double ugh. I’m going to mentally change the ending for my own peace of mind and pretend book 6 didn’t ever happen.

I’m going to craft the afternoon away and hope to erase the bad book aftertaste from my brain (shudder). I’ll be back with crafting, fun, and good times…