when stuck in neutral…

I am sure I’m not the only one this happens to- when I’ve not been creative in a while, well… it’s hard for me to get started back up again. My normal routine is to be creative for 1-4hrs on any given day. Even if it’s just a short bit- most every day I do create. So… any more thanĀ 4 days or so OFF and my brain starts rusting! ack! Generally it’s just that FIRST project back on the job that is hardest, and today marks day #2 that I’m trying to get something going!

This is what I do: sit and look at supplies, photos, etc. and get inspired. BUT my brain refuses to engage with something. It’s like I’m stuck in neutral. Solution? Just hand myself something to copy, lift, or otherwise create without using much creativity on my own.

Today’s solution is a pattern from Heather Bailey that just came today. PERFECT! I can work on cutting fabric and making a cute pincushion to get my brain working creatively once again. Fun stuff for sure, and I’ll be to share my success (or failure!) soon as I can.