What a day, first to the dentist… oh the dread. Good news? It was cracked filling, not tooth. So 3 shots (cringe), and 45min of fix-up later and I’m good as new. Well, almost. My face was numb up into my nose until about an hour ago, and the tooth being worked on still is all sore and angry… but it was the best case scenario, so I’m good.

Next? Dreaded interaction with dude from window company. I’ll just say that he listed my name on the quote sheet as “may scum” (not may flaum) and that pretty much set up that meeting.

Then? Internet went out. NOOOOOO!!!! But the weird thing is the other computer is on-line. So I asked for help (clicked the “why can’t I connect?” button) and it told me that I had probably pushed a button that disabled it’s ability to connect. Huh. Well it was right, and here I am back on-line 4hrs later!!!

Enough of the blah of the day, here’s some cuteness:

She asked “mommy was this ‘berry’ difficult?” so cute. So I didn’t make the actual skirt and shirt, but I embellished them, and it was easy!!! Thanks to Lisa who clued me in to heat ‘n bond. Think iron-on adhesive so you don’t have to pin and it keeps the fabric right where you want it and it can’t curl up on you. I couldn’t have done this without it, and I feel like a big mystery has been solved.

Silly girl! Anyhow, this was a total EASY sewing project, and I’m inspired to do more with the fabric in my closet + plain T-shirts. I did add aqua embroidery thread on a few black leaves + I added a button eye to the birdie. Just a little extra fun for a shirt that is one of a kind.

Spinach pasta shells are for dinner… better get cooking!