I'm mrs. happy thanks to mr. campy!

So I’ve been waiting. and waiting. and waiting. www.scrapbook.com has had mr. campy (and other new cosmo cricket) papers up for a while now, but none of the embellishments. (tapping foot) Finally I e-mailed Lisa and she said end of August. Cool. I can live with that! Now I still *NEED* the stickers and the ribbon… I’m trying to be patient. I am not even a camper but I can totally see using these goodies on other things too. Oh yes, I’m looking forward to some creative sessions!

Yesterday morning, sick and trying to stay in bed I was cruising some sites and found a bunch of stuff at www.twopeasinabucket.com. I already had some stuff in my cart from last week… so I could finish that order with a little fun like this. 

oh those stamps. ALL of them. Loving already. And this blackboard? forget it! must have.

Ok, and some cute paper from the Halloween line…

and since I had started that other order at www.scrapbook.com I got some cute papers and loving these journaling goodies too-

and this is why friends, it doesn’t pay to be sick. Spare time on couch with laptop = shopping. Ok, so I’ve been REALLY good not buying stuff for quite a while. Plus I’m going to start work on a bunch of new projects so I’ll use this right up.

Have I mentioned I can enable and justify like no other? If you ever need help just let me know.