I work here.

AHHHH. There’s been a lot of clutter on “desk B” and I finally got the surface clear. Matilda (my sewing machine) + my laptop are both back where they belong. Now as I look at this photo I know I need to clean up the stamp shelves and sort that box-o-photos. But still good. I’m still sick so SLOWLY sorting out stuff is about all I handle. And right about now I’m sure glad I did.

The super crazy messy (um, creatively painted) desk is one I’ve had since childhood. OH and you can see the edge of my corner bookshelf… I was in a “paint it green” mood about 5 years ago. NO, really. That’s why it matches the desk. Ah, good times and memories.

In semi-related news I’ve decided to have a craft-supply garage sale. I’ve held onto some stuff knowing I’d do it someday, and now it’s decided. There are too many things keeping me from the stuff I want to use and can’t find! Next Saturday- garage sale.