a victorious dish.

It’s fact around here that Jason is ruler of meat dishes. He BBQ’s on a championship level in this family’s opinion. But not just BBQ, but roasted and cooked meats of all kinds. He’s the master.

I, on the other hand am master of baking and side dishes in this house. A job I am happy to have. We each have our place and we are very happy.

Now there are a few exceptions- I make some main dishes such as pot roast, chicken pot pie, breaded pork chops, and a few others. And there are some things (tacos, grilled chicken sandwiches, lasagna, etc.) that we both make equally good. In other words- we’re both into cooking.

Yesterday I decided to try a meat dish. Something I usually save for when Jason’s at work lest we have a “tuna scandal” episode (I ruined good ahi, I still hang head in shame) and I embarrass myself in the kitchen. Yesterday though, I did not care. I was itching to try one of Ree’s dishes for chicken legs. (photo from www.thepioneerwoman.com/cooking because we ate ours too fast to photograph!)


This is tangy and GOOD. I liked it, but the question would be what Jason thought. He LOVED it too!!! This is amazing, and once again Ree proves that she knows her good home cooking. Now I’m off to bake a pot of beans (inspired by her!) for later.