the junk drawer

First off, I must confess that SOMEHOW a cold has blown into my life. It’s so unfair. I worked out 7 or 8 days in a row, was doing really good on schedule and getting loads of rest. Then 2 days ago I decided to give myself a ‘pass’ and didn’t go to gym. By night my throat was scratchy. Yesterday throat hurt more. Today? Snotty nose and full blown sick. ugh. Bad news? this means my etsy shop is delayed… but I’ve gotta just stay in bed much as I can to beat this thing. The thing I dislike about colds like this is that the sore/watery eyes/runny nose slows me down physically, but not mentally. So my mind continues to race around DRIVING ME CRAZY until my body catches back up. It’s more annoying than painful, but I’ll be in pj’s in bed so that I can beat this quick so I can get back to the running.

Good news? I’m gonna sort some junk drawers.

I’ve got fun junk, and Jason made me do the slimy q-tip zicam cold treatment thing… so I’ll be back SOON.