ScanNCut: Custom Birthday Dress

I *love* getting crafty requests for help, and this project was no exception! My neighbor has seen my posts about the ScanNCut, and knows that I work with Brother so she asked if I could help fix up a custom dress. My thought? Sounds like FUN!

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Eye see a new tote bag with ScanNCut

What do you make for a teen headed to college? I went looking around the studio and found a super sturdy tote bag and thought… let’s customize it! In this post I will share my how-to as well as some suggestions for customizing your own tote bags. it’s so fun!

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It’s (vinyl) party time with the ScanNCut

If you’ve ever taken a class from me at a craft store then you already know: I like my embellishments stored simply, and to keep things fun!

Recently I realized that I needed to make a new container – one just for random sequins. I love to call my button and embellishment jars like this party jars. It’s a party in there – full of randomness and fun. This time though, I realized that I have the perfect jar – and a scrap of purple vinyl just right to become a “party jar mix” label.  Continue reading “It’s (vinyl) party time with the ScanNCut”