It’s (vinyl) party time with the ScanNCut

If you’ve ever taken a class from me at a craft store then you already know: I like my embellishments stored simply, and to keep things fun!

Recently I realized that I needed to make a new container – one just for random sequins. I love to call my button and embellishment jars like this party jars. It’s a party in there – full of randomness and fun. This time though, I realized that I have the perfect jar – and a scrap of purple vinyl just right to become a “party jar mix” label. 

The first thing I did was to get on my computer and write “Party Mix” in the Brother Type Converter tool. This is free – and it means I can type a font and it automatically becomes a cut file instead of having to print it out then scan it. Neat!

Next up? Load that file into my ScanNCut, re-size as needed (tip: be sure to select all and unify before you resize!), and cut out from my purple vinyl material.

This process is super easy – and a lot of fun because I can make a really tiny delicate vinyl sticker easily! Once your vinyl is cut, you need to “weed” it meaning remove all the parts you don’t want to transfer.

Then “transfer” it onto the transfer sheet, place, and rub into position on your jar!

The “how-to” for this really couldn’t be easier, but it has such a big impact on things! My only vinyl regret is that I have only been working with it for around a year and not much sooner! This would be a great project to put on a jar that you intend for a gift, for display, or anything! From a change jar to craft supplies to candy for a teacher – adding a bit of vinyl adds both a crafty touch and personalized fun that is just so neat.

I’m definitely in a multi-tasking craft zone this month, as I work on teacher gifts, party favors, and so much more! So be sure to stay tuned I have a lot of fun ideas to share with you here.

Speaking of fun – as you know (and I always disclose) I do work with Brother (paid consultant for Brother, all ideas & opinions are my own) and I’ve really been impressed with all the new and fun things coming from them! From the improvements to the Canvas software (now Canvas Workspace) to the projects going up each month on the ScanNCut website I can always find fresh inspiration! The vinyl I used in this project is made by Brother and available for purchase at shops online and local dealers. I’ve even had luck finding some mats & accessories at JoAnn fabric locally! Yay!

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  1. That IS a party! I separate sequins by color (except my Lilac Lane mixes), but if there are only a few left, having a party mix is a great idea. I’m eagerly awaiting brother supplies at my local JoAnn, will be so happy when they have them. I love seeing your teacher gifts, hope you’ll be sharing them here.

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