Spotlight | French General

There were a lot of fantastic products revealed at CHA, and I have a lot of favorites. That said, when asked what my #1 pick of the whole show would be, it’s got to be a line from Jolee’s Boutique.

Now I know, you might be skeptical at first but hear me out. French General is an amazing store I’ve had on my “must visit” list forever, and I drool over the offerings on their website on a very regular basis. They have licensed with EK/Jolee’s Boutique to produce a line of products. Here is their official video that was playing in the booth at CHA:

I saw a lot of “oh wow I love that” or “this is very cool” “this is exceptional” at the show. What makes this collection my #1 pick is that it gave me goosebumps. I lost my ability to speak. It absolutely surprised, delighted, amazed me, and made me SQUEAL in besotted glee.

The packaging is just as fun and can be used as can the products themselves. The textures and colors are perfection. The detail is incredible.

This line of products works beautifully all on it’s own, or mixed with other brands as well. I could see so many uses and applications – and I will be sharing my ideas with you. I want to share a lot more of my photos with you, but not post 40+ pictures here so I’ve mixed them into a slide show of sorts (video) with my favorite song of the moment. (I didn’t have any French inspired music – I should!)

For more about French General visit their website If you’re in the Los Angeles area, go visit the shop!

Watch for a lot of French General projects coming from me (as soon as I can get product!) – I have so many ideas for this line. I can hardly wait.

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new loves | more from CHA-W 2012

I am still debating a behind the scenes/people photos post from CHA… is that something of interest? Let me know. I can’t decide. For now, I am wrapping up my CHA coverage favorites. I’ve covered a lot so far – and I have compiled some companies who rocked, but either I didn’t have a load of great photos for them or have covered them partially elsewhere. In no particular order here we go…

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spotlight | Wendy Vecchi

I had the chance to meet with Wendy Vecchi and talk about her new products with her at CHA, and today I want to share some of that information as well as peeks at her new offerings and art.

Wendy could be found most often doing demos in the Ranger booth. I loved watching her play with her clearly for art (‘clicker cutts’) flowers – I’m totally getting these! you can do so much with them and heating them = instant dimension. More on that when I have them in-hand!

So let’s see more…

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