This week in my Scrapbook: New chapter

I am excited to bring you a new (most every week) blog series where I will share what scrapbook page I’ve made this week! My goal is to really share more of these, as well as the stories, techniques, and tips behind the page! This week I’m adding an exciting entry about our current horseback riding lessons routine, as well as the horse she’s currently learning on!

Things that went wrong:

  • none of my papers with red quite worked, they all took over too much, so I went to blue
  • I stuck down a journaling sticker (journaling written down already) and the entire paragraph SMEARED! So… the “hello” pocket and other embellishments on the right covered it up!

I like how this (4×6 photos) turned out! You’ll notice that I kept my embellishments and details fairly contained – while it seems random it really isn’t. I call my style carefully controlled chaos. I like to have fun, but never at the expense of the overall design!

Things that went right:

  • Simple design is always best when you want to add lots of bits and pieces
  • Don’t have lined journaling paper the size you want? Just add your own lines!
  • LOVE the clusters and how that looks
  • Used up a good morning sticker since it coordinated with the lesson time!

Most of the supplies I used are American Crafts, specifically Maggie Holmes/Crate Paper. (affiliate link) is where I get most of my A.C. brand goods as they tend to carry it all!

The horse show season is about to start up, so that means lessons won’t get to be as regular (her instructor travels a great deal) – so this layout is well timed to reflect the winter schedule. When I do a page like this I put it into my annual album as it shows chronologically things going on. Not that I complete pages in that order – but I store them that way so going back over the albums viewing makes a lot of sense and shows where we were at in those times.

Have any questions or future scrapbooking topic requests? Do share! I will be posting a new page (most) every week!

4 thoughts on “This week in my Scrapbook: New chapter”

  1. I appreciate that you let us know what went wrong. It gives us ideas on how to handle our own mistakes. Thanks.

  2. I appreciate you giving scrapbooking a place on your blog. I am doing the same thing right now…getting back into what I love, and what makes me happy. A nice scrapbook page!!

  3. I love your layout! You really make great embellishment clusters. That’s something i struggle with. Thanks for sharing. Michelle t

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