ScanNCut: glitter treat!

Ladies and gents – I am in love. As you may know I work with Brother as a ScanNCut brand ambassador (all ideas & opinions are my own always!) – well I’ve known for a while some magical cut files were coming. Disney Princesses, to be exact! The lovely ladies are available now through Brother dealers. You can do an online search to find one near you (or one that will ship) – and I am SO happy to be able to share project ideas with you!

My first project here is a Rapunzel design that I just love. There is SO much intricate detail! Here is my tutorial video where I show and explain how I cut her out.

Once you’ve got the files activated on Canvas and onto your machine – you just cut them out! These files can’t be edited directly – but as they stand the sizes are great for a number of projects!

I believe the intention for this one was stationary – but I saw it as a really sweet Halloween treat bag for a lovely little girl I know. Once ironed onto the bag that I purchased at a local craft store I added some hand sewn buttons & thread and oh. I LOVE how this turned out!

I intend to use the other princess files in some ways that perhaps wouldn’t be expected in the near future – so stay tuned! Scrapbooking to gift wrap – I’ve got ideas for these designs and thoughts as to how to have a lot of fun personalizing them as well.

I am glad my local sewing shop (and Brother dealer!) has a wide variety of iron-on glitter material because I’ve got to tell you – I’m addicted to sheets of this stuff! I just adore ironing on glittered shapes to things. I think I’ll always be a princess at heart.

10 thoughts on “ScanNCut: glitter treat!”

  1. I wondered how that iron-on vinyl worked. That looks like a lot of work, but the bag is darling.

  2. It’s beautiful! We are all princesses at heart, aren’t we? I know your little princess is going to be head over heals for the bag!

  3. Love it!!! My sister used glitter iron-on for my niece’s Wonder Woman cape tonight and it was adorable! How awesome!

  4. Hi

    The bag is so cute can you add a link to the Disney files ?

    Thanks for the great demos

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