Remain calm: the holiday season is here

Don’t panic – but the holidays are coming right up.

I’ve known this for a while – I do look ahead at the calendar. But this year my plans are small scale (not much shipping, simple decorating, etc) and the first 1/2 of November is insane for me (work wise), so I’ve intentionally planned to not make the lists just yet. This week I’ve got some posts for simple projects and ideas for getting prepared for the upcoming season.

This year step 1: Eyes open while at the stores. What I mean is – if you see the perfect present, if you find just the right something… get it. Don’t wait or expect to remember!

pictured above: Bandit and I scoping out Michael’s and getting ideas! 

Step 2: Make the lists from what I’d like to do (bake for neighbors) to what I need to do (sort out gifts for kids) write it all out – then add to it + scratch off items as you go

Step 3: Plan of action this is making spots for big items throughout the season, and knocking out little stuff as I can – not waiting for last minute. Right now my whole plan is to wait until Thanksgiving week and focus entirely on it. That is NOT my usual- I’m usually a “slow and throughout November” person.

This year I’ll be working from a clipboard. If you were in my holiday class last weekend you got one of these. Want to see how I like to put them together? Here’s a short YouTube video.

I like clipboards for keeping lists and taking just 1 list with me when out and about shopping and also being able to remove/change/repurpose clipboard for other things once the holidays have passed. I’ll be sharing gift, décor, and scrapbooking ideas with you here as I have them. I like to keep my holidays simple, fun, and with touches of craftiness thrown in wherever I can.

How do you craft and prepare for the holidays? I’d love to hear your best tips and recommendations!

3 thoughts on “Remain calm: the holiday season is here”

  1. This is the time of the year when all seems possible, with regard to the holidays and crafting and my house being perfectly clean and not piled up with warm weather & cold weather laundry that needs to be sorted and swapped. Ha! Other than family wanting us to update wishlists and such, I’m seriously probably not going to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving (at my house). I’m so glad it’s an early Thanksgiving, with an extra week between it and December. I hope to make Christmas cards — I bought the smaller size Tim Holtz globe die and will go with a Joy to the World sentiment. I’ll do a 6 x 8 December Daily album (but still need the album & page protectors). We’ll get there! Happy Wednesday, May!

  2. I love a clipboard! That is awfully cute and I think they’d make cute gifts, too. How did attach the ribbon to the first one, May?

  3. Love that photo of Bandit! And the clipboard is so so cute!
    I’m moving house next week so that’s all that’s on my mind right now!

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