Around here – Halloween time!

What’s new here? The kids are READY for Halloween as Rey the Jedi and the Cheshire Cat, the Cross Country season is ending this week, and the studio is beginning to come together. Here’s a few snapshots from around here!

The studio has a lot of rainbow goodness right now – and I do so love that. I am in the heat of some CRAZY busy deadline weeks ahead (and travel!) so the cleaning and organizing is on hold. That would make me crazy but – no time to obsess.

So off I go with Bandit to pick up our athlete (Elizabeth). He has been the best dog (no injuries, no drama) lately and is currently holding household title of star puppy. It’s a revolving title – I’m sure someone else will take it back soon. Ha! Bandit really loves being in the car and seeing people where people can’t see and/or approach him. He’s not a fan of new people- in fact he prefers sitting in his create to being loose when we have people over. Our shy boy – hard to believe it’s been over a year now since he came to live with us.

Back into the studio (below you can see a Bandit tush) I’m LOVING the feedback and also sharing so much of my own story via True Story my current online class. Check it out and join us if you haven’t already – this is one value packed course!

Me? I’m heading back into the studio to create up a storm. I’ve got some posts scheduled for the next few weeks, a new class to teach at the local shop this weekend, and more than a few things on my plate. In GREAT news though it would seem that a lot of the projects I’m working on are coming together nicely -and I’ll be able to share more soon! I hear we can expect cooler temps and maybe even some rain – so glad to be heading into late fall and (gasp) the holiday season…

What are you up to this week? Any fun happenings? Do share – I always love hearing from you.

3 thoughts on “Around here – Halloween time!”

  1. Jen, Eileen and I will be there on Saturday. We’re excited! And I love your bookshelf … your books are my books. ❤️

  2. Your girls are so cute! Love their costumes! And you always amaze me with the photos you get of your dogs. I’m hoping to finally have some time to actually log in to the classroom and get started with True Story! Although that might be wishful thinking as I”m moving in 2 weeks time!

  3. My daughter had her final elementary school fall social yesterday and a full night of trick or treating. Friday is her costume piano recital. I’m hoping to get to work on some things this weekend because I am LOVING all the inspiration from the True Story class.

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