Shaker Frame: featuring 28 Lilac Lane

Earlier this summer I posted a little shaker frame – and wow you guys sure did love it! I promised to try again and today I’m happy to share with you a new project and video tutorial. Note – I do use affiliate links in this post. There is never any cost to use them, but the use of affiliate links does help this blog (and keep the free content coming!) so I appreciate the support.

I used the Pirate kit (link to for the outside, as well as a mix of bottles & sequin mixes in general. One of my favorite things about this line? Mix & match however you’d like! Here is my full video tutorial.

I mentioned the thick clear plastic – it’s awesome! Here is a link to amazon where I found it. I also used PPA adhesive (Ellen Hutson link) for all the tiny details.

I mentioned in the video that I did end up putting the glass back in because the thickness/etc was needed. I think with shaker boxes, and various frame materials/borders/thicknesses the possibilities for these projects are endless!

Now that I have a good source for the clear plastic that is so vital? Well I’m thinking holidays! A spooky Halloween piece, a Merry Christmas mantle piece, and on and on! Whether putting a photo or some artwork inside – this project sure is fun! If you create one be sure to share with me so I can check it out too.

6 thoughts on “Shaker Frame: featuring 28 Lilac Lane”

  1. This was one of my favourite camp scrap projects, I have two still to complete on my desk 🙂

  2. I’ve been seeing these more and more lately. They sort of remind me of the sand sculptures my friend, Richard, used to keep on his coffee table.

  3. The frame looks really good. The sequins in the shaker match all the buttons and knobs on the fire truck!

  4. So so cool!
    I have a box from Buttons Galore on its way to me now – I’ll send you a pic when I get it – I think I ordered 5-6 from your line!

  5. what a really FUN project – I have all kinds of buttons – more than I’ll ever use for sewing and all that- so it’s time to pull out some of those plain frames I have and deco them up!

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