Vinyl decorated pencil cups

I’ve got a serious vinyl addiction, folks! Combine it with my ScanNCut (for which I am a paid consultant (for Brother) but as always all ideas and opinions are my own) and I simply can’t stop! Today I’m sharing a tutorial for how I took two cups (that were on sale two for a dollar!) and turned them into the new pencil/colored pencil cups for school.

School begins today – this summer really did simply disappear!

I created  a video to walk through the simple how-to for a project like mine. Here is a link to YouTube and the full tutorial.

To recap the steps:

  1. Measure and decide max size of the pattern.
  2. Place vinyl on mat and insert into machine
  3. Select pattern(s), resize, and cut (around 2 normally works well)
  4. Weed out anything not your pattern
  5. Transfer onto transfer sheet
  6. Apply to surface, rub firmly, and remove transfer sheet

So easy!

Miss Rebecca is obsessed with all things mint these days so this cup was immediately claimed by here even though I had thought to use it in the studio – high praise indeed! Hard to believe the girls are in 5th and 7th grade today… time sure does fly!

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  1. Those are great May! So does that mean both girls are now in Middle School? We have a different school system that is just primary (till grade 6) and then secondary (7-12). We use secondary school and high school interchangeably

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