The fancy little note pad

I wasn’t going to do a blog post – but I figured why not? You see I recently spent the afternoon avoiding real work (ha!) and creating a fancy little notepad for myself for a conference this weekend.

What I needed was paper on a sturdy surface to write notes during a conference. I don’t know how many notes or what I’ll write – or if I will be inspired to write at all. So I didn’t want to commit to a new notebook just for this only to end up being annoyed that 1/10th of it was used and not want to keep filling it up. I also thought that a small notebook would be flimsy and hard to write on my lap.

So I thought: clipboard! I couldn’t find mine but in the search I unearthed a 5x7ish D-ring option.

I added papers, some stickers and fun (because why not?!?!) and got to work. Here is a YouTube video where I explain why I am using (or not using) what I have on this.

Here is the cover/front:

I am excited that there is a “planner con” in San Francisco this weekend so very close to my home – and the price was really reasonable for a craft convention with such high quality speakers too. I will be sure to report back with how it went – and if my notebook worked well or not.

I mentioned in my video another video on how-to for a planner charm similar to mine. Here is a link to that video.

I really want to get better at how to write down plans, and make them HAPPEN, so I have lots of high hopes for the weekend. If you’re coming be sure to track me down – because I have little goodies to share!

For now I’m off to double check my bag. I really am just bringing some pens + this notepad! I really do love that I had some fun decorating something for a temporary use – and that I have a plan to transfer the “keeper” notes. I’ll share more about that (and which art journal they go into!) when I return.

Have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “The fancy little note pad”

  1. May,That is so Cute. Like the idea behind it also. We never have craft “anything” in our neck of the woods. Wish they did. I use to be SO unbelievable organized, I am OCD, have been since childhood but lately I am not, I am the “post-it-note” queen, hundreds all over my 2 desks, I have a thought, out come the “post -it-notes. I must have 10 or more journals I just don’t know why I don’t use them.
    Anyways, I was wondering if you ever use copic markers when you are coloring a stamp?
    Thanks, off to watch the video, I am backwards today I usually watch the video, then comment,lol.

  2. What a great idea! A lot of times, you’ll go to a conference or class and take notes, then struggle with what to do with them when you get home. I love the idea of making everyday things more fun with craft supplies and I’m going to start with my own boring clipboard. Thanks, May!

  3. I am intrigued by this whole “new” planner movement that is out there. When I got my first job out of college in 1994 my boss gave me a beautiful leather planner with an antique map cover. I used it and loved it. Then everyone seemed to embrace an electronic way of doing everything so I stopped carrying the planner. I still wrote everything down on paper (I just got a smartphone last year) but I still have that planner. Funny how things come back around.

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