Plannercon 2017: a thoughts & recap post

I’m back from plannercon2017, and what a wild weekend! I got to see some really fantastic speakers and take some good classes but the biggest plus for me was hanging out and speaking with fellow attendees and creative ladies.

Some ladies were long time crafters, some were hoping for new ideas to better plot and execute ideas in their lives, some were there to shop! We all had different experiences and ideas, but what I loved most was how friendly and helpful everyone was.

Though my wrist got real mad (as I type this one handed am in my pressure point brace! oops!) from all the writing I especially enjoyed the Tombow lettering class. Some better lettering isn’t that hard or far off if I simply practice.

I also enjoyed some no pressure coloring with Prima marketing.

Fueled by carbs and a lot of bottles of water, I kept making new notes. ideas. things I want to share with you here. Things I need to work on and explore.

Over 1,000 people were there, and I didn’t meet a single mean, rude, or negative person. I was really inspired by how everyone was open to different styles and outlooks. No harsh judgment or “well that is the wrong way” talk. I loved spending time around the registration area (pictured below) just chatting with whomever I came across. I met some new ladies as well as reconnected with some that I’ve known a long time.

In the new to me column, I met (and totally adore!) the owner of Crown & Crumpet. The girls and I popped in for lunch one day and I was blown away by not only how good the food was, but how much creative fun went into this space and business. It really topped the weekend off for me because creativity takes many forms and there is no one way to approach it. Whether you cook or scrapbook or paint – or add stickers to your weekly planner – there is space for all of us striving to live a happy and creative life.

We talked about having a “craft tea” so stay tuned for that info if you’re near San Francisco area!

My daughters did attend with me, but only showed up for food. They had the weekend of their lives (not one argument!) gaming and enjoying unlimited wifi in the room. They tell me it was the best weekend ever. Ha!

As a side note – the Hyatt near SFO airport is where this all happened, and is a great hotel to stay at if flying out early AM. They’ve also got some yummy food. The girls and I recommend the garlic edamame and the truffle fries most especially!

Also: if you’re on youtube you can check out my channel and my “from the studio” mostly every week series. This week I chatted about plannercon and what’s going on in my world… video is here.

7 thoughts on “Plannercon 2017: a thoughts & recap post”

  1. Thanks May for the great recommendation to the Crown & Crumpets tea room . I live in San Francisco so will definitely try it out.

  2. OMG, Crown & Crumpet!! Be sorry if you missed her original bright, contemporary tea room at Ghirardelli Square. You would have loved it. I totally want to be at a Crown & Crumpet craft tea. Please keep us posted. (Glad you had a great time at PlannerCon. I just got all obsessive about C&C.) ❤️

  3. Glad you had a great weekend with the girls! Sorry to hear about your wrist though boo hoo. take care.

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