Rainbow therapy.

Buttons make me so happy – always have enjoyed playing with them. It’s hard to see a rainbow and not smile. This week has been rough on so many, with so much tragedy. I can’t even believe it every time I think that has got to be it… there is more. Before I share my tutorial video I want to share a few thoughts on what inspired this therapeutic mixed media piece.


Originally I had a lengthy rant here about fear mongering, encouraging people to turn against each other, and hate filled speeches encouraging a divided nation. But I don’t want to add to that particularly gnarly fire.


Tearing at others does not build you up, and it definitely doesn’t help in the wake of tragedy. Deeply disturbed by both recent events in the country and so many of the the voices of “leadership” I knew I needed to get in the studio and recenter. Do something happy. Wonderful. Silly and small but that I could enjoy. Because¬† I know one thing with absolute certainty:

Spreading love, happiness, kindness, smiles, and positivity is never a bad thing.


There will always be sick, twisted, even evil people in this world. I can’t stop that. But I can take every opportunity to make things better. To try and bring a smile to someone else or share a kind word. To fuel, feed, and embrace positivity and be more of what I want to see in this world. That, I can do. Maybe what I do is very small and doesn’t matter much, but those little things add up and the more of us who try to unite, build each other up, and be the positive change we want to see the better!

I share all of this because this is what inspired me to pull out almost¬†EVERY 28 Lilac Lane bottle and kit. I pulled out every one available to me (except the browns) and spent a little time building myself back into a positive state of mind. If you’re wanting the how-to on a project like mine, you can view my YouTube video here.

I hope you enjoyed that tutorial – the process really is simple! PPA matte finish is a great adhesive choice. You can work with a specialty paste like the snowflake paste I used, or plain, or just glue! I also ended up sealing this project with glossy accents but that’s optional. I just wanted to make sure this rainbow that I created over a few hours this week lasts!

DSC_5395 copy

Looking for 28 Lilac Lane products? They’re available online and in local shops now. I used every single kit and bottle as I said before. If there’s a particular one you want pointed out I’m happy to do so. I have some affiliate links posted below if you want to shop the line as well.

I hope you liked my bit of rainbow  and crafty happiness. It is going to hang here in the studio to remind me that in the darkest times, you can always look for the light. The rainbow. Seek the love.


As promised – 28 Lilac Lane stocked online at many stores, including: Ellen Hutson; Simon Says Stamp, and coming soon to Scrapbook.com

10 thoughts on “Rainbow therapy.”

  1. I so agree with you about sharing Love and Kindness and how it really does help. I cant tell you how much I love it that you could go into your studio and get back into a positive frame of mind. And how wonderful it is that it is now on You tube so that anyone can hear your voice and know that you are calm and letting beauty and what you love make you happy. The sharing that you do is not a small thing. Its huge. Thank you so so much for doing what you love and encouraging others to do the same. hugs, treen

  2. It’s beautiful, May. I think we’re all dealing with feelings of anger and helplessness. I personally wish we lived in a puppies, kittens, and rainbows world with no poverty, war, evil, hunger, violence, homelessness . . . If only. {{{hugs}}}

  3. Wonderful sentiments and a marvelous project! Each of us is insignificant but together we are very powerful. Thanks for adding some crafty goodness and light to this week.

  4. Beautiful card May, and Beautiful WORDS.
    The only 2 stores I shop at are Simon Says and Scrapbooking.com, 5 of your products I want are out of stock and have been for awhile over at Simon’s, I wish they would stay on top of that.
    Sorry your recovery is going so slowly and painfully, I can relate, my RA is so out of control that I am down to typing with one finger like you and just in pain all the time. I am looking forward to more Scan-n-cut videos when you are feeling better. Bless you May.

  5. What you do MATTERS! A lot. Not a little, not not much, but a lot. You are kind, thoughtful, talented, and intelligent. You are a generous teacher, giving of yourself to others for the sheer purpose of helping others discover happiness through creating. There isn’t much in life that matters more than that, May. Beautiful canvas. Looking forward to getting some of your line later this summer. Hope you are feeling better. Michelle t

  6. Buttons and sparkles and glue – they’d raise anyone’s spirits! Wishing you well, May. Take care of that hand.

  7. May,
    I love how you uplift those of us that follow you. Thank you for being a positive influence in the universe.

  8. This is beautiful artwork, with a beautiful and encouraging message. Thank you!

  9. You are such a beautiful person May.
    Love that canvas and love your positivity even more.

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