peeks around the studio


I rearranged some things (slowly and over a number of days!) and wanted to share the results. I was able to get my grandpa’s rocking chair (he made it!) into the studio. On the chair are a quilt and pillow my grandma made along with a bear pillow that I fell in love with (Target).  DSC_5185

I’ve always said that when it comes to your space, function should be #1, but a close second should be things you enjoy, treasures that make you happy. It’s a big reason why you’ll find random nonsense items in here – and I’d not have it any other way. DSC_5205

Of course that can also include things like awesome new Hero Arts stamps (see Hawaii one, below) that I’m finding ways of working with and testing out. This whole slow and steady thing sucks – not gonna pretend otherwise – but I’m making the most of it as best as I can, and remembering that this is all worth it.

DSC_5210 copy

Oh, and don’t worry. Studio is messy as ever even if I’m only crafting about 1/100th of my norm. I’ve not yet figured out how I’m managing to do that… guess I’m just creatively messy by nature and not even being one-armed can change that about me!

4 thoughts on “peeks around the studio”

  1. I just love your spirit! Thanks for sharing the peek inside your studio. Michelle t

  2. Love your studio, May! I tend to be a “messy” crafter, too. It used to drive my mom nuts, since we’d share the room. When she found out about global vs. analytical people, she realized I’m global, while she is more analytical. (Though she can be messy, too! LOL) She just keeps telling herself it’s just how I am. Sending good thoughts your way for a faster recovery! 🙂 I do admire your positive attitude, though. You are truly an inspiration! ~ Andrea

  3. Its so so cool that you fit your rocker into your craft space. I love the groupings you have sitting around of things that you love and that inspire you. I have been looking at videos and pictures of craft rooms that i like. I started out wanting one kind of craft room ( very clean and neat and everything behind doors and curtains and pretty furniture. when i realized that i have to have everything stored near my craft desk (i cant get up to get things very often) and everything needs to be between my head and about 2 feet off the floor. I came to realize that the neat pretty room was not going to happen. I would see rooms where people had things out to inspire them and i thought i had no room for them. then i saw tim holtz’s craft room. he goes up to the ceiling with things he loves and he still stays organized. i’m having some shelves put up soon up high and i’m collecting things that i want on the shelves. I have always loved your craft room and now love it even more. May, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful attitude and Ideas and creativeness with us so so often. i really love it! hugs, treen

  4. Love those pics May. Your studio looks so fun and cozy! Maybe one day I’ll get to play with you!! I love all the little touches that make it special for you!

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