CHA 2015: Brett Weldele and Tim Holtz for Stampers Anonymous

The other Stamper’s Anonymous artist that really wowed me was Dina Wakley – you can see her stuff already posted in the post that I did a few days ago just about her.

cha (11) copy

First up, Brett Weldele is back with six new stamps and some stencils too. I’ll be passing on the stamps this round just because I don’t see myself really using any of them. But don’t get me wrong – they’re awesome. I especially love that he gave us some zombies that could be really fun to color and make gory. I also weirdly love the cat with monocle.

What will I be buying? The stencils.

cha (13) copy

The scales blows my mind – need, want, love. The tentacles too.

Speaking of good ideas, on the other side of the booth was all the Tim Holtz stamping and stenciling goodness.

cha (14) copy

First up: the mini blueprints will now come in 4-packs so you can just get the set you want instead of having to get three sets/12 stamps. YAY!

cha (19) copy

My favorite blueprints are these nautical ones, the school one, and the coffee.

cha (25) copy

I could be wrong (it does happen once in a while), but I think Tim’s coffee themed stamps and dies are going to be BIG sellers.

cha (20) copy

Also beloved by me? The stencils (of course!) especially that tire track one and the florals.

cha (21) copy

I’m also really into the city skylines, vintage type, and travel stamp sets.

cha (22) copy

This show Tim’s stamps and stencils are releasing in small batches starting now, then in February, and the third set in March. I have a love/hate with this because of course many of the ones I want are slated for a later release!

cha (29) copy

Overall a very strong showing from Tim Holtz and all the artists that have stamps with Stamper’s Anonymous.

cha (33) copy

Now, can we all wait for these to hit store shelves?!

15 thoughts on “CHA 2015: Brett Weldele and Tim Holtz for Stampers Anonymous”

  1. I must have the cat and the zombies. The tentacles, and the coooffffeeeeeee stuff. The world stamps and and and and. . .

    So much to see

  2. As a big Tim Holtz fan I always wonder how he keeps hitting home runs year after year. What an amazing creative talent. Love the coffee stamps, that big floral stamp…and love that minis can now be purchased as an individual set. Also love the color of the month concept. Its going to be hard not to buy all the items in a color, but seriously, I need to focus on the ones i actually use!! Although, now that I think of it… Also, I haven’t heard anyone saying these will be limited editions, so hoping they are now part of the permanent line.

  3. Think you hit it right when you said the coffee stamps/dies will be a hit! Loving all the travel themed items too. thank you for posting about CHA; I feel like I was there……

  4. I’m not familiar with Brett Weldele, but I love that cat stamp! And how the heck does Tim Holtz keep coming up with things? Love the idea of smaller collections of blueprints – I can pick just the ones I want.

  5. The coffee stuff will be a hit for sure. I’m loving the florals and the correspondence. And oh of course the birds. So stinkin cute. Overall a good mix.

  6. Oh, I love those coffee stamps and I’m reallynot into stamps. Love that floral stencil too! Thanks for sharing

  7. I love all the nautical stuff! I might be in the minority, but the zombies are creepy and gross (yes, I know that is what zombies are). I can’t imagine having those in my craft room – it would scare me just knowing they were there. Thanks for sharing everything May!

  8. It’s funny I love that monocled cat, too, and I’m not a cat person. Love every single stencil, but by the time I’ll be able to get them in the summer they’ll be gone. I like most of these stamps, too. Brilliant designs. Thanks, May. Michelle t

  9. Want it all..(except for the Halloween creepy stuff)….in love with all the new items..!

  10. I wish I was wealthy & could buy everything I wanted to use in my projects!! I love Tim Holtz products!

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