CHA 2015: Brett Weldele and Tim Holtz for Stampers Anonymous

The other Stamper’s Anonymous artist that really wowed me was Dina Wakley – you can see her stuff already posted in the post that I did a few days ago just about her.

cha (11) copy

First up, Brett Weldele is back with six new stamps and some stencils too. I’ll be passing on the stamps this round just because I don’t see myself really using any of them. But don’t get me wrong – they’re awesome. I especially love that he gave us some zombies that could be really fun to color and make gory. I also weirdly love the cat with monocle.

What will I be buying? The stencils.

cha (13) copy

The scales blows my mind – need, want, love. The tentacles too.

Speaking of good ideas, on the other side of the booth was all the Tim Holtz stamping and stenciling goodness.

cha (14) copy

First up: the mini blueprints will now come in 4-packs so you can just get the set you want instead of having to get three sets/12 stamps. YAY!

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