CHA 2015: Minc, Marquee Love, and more from Heidi Swapp

At American Crafts the big exciting thing was definitely the Minc machine from Heidi Swapp.

cha (263) copy

I had the opportunity to try this out myself and I’ve gotta tell you – it’s slick. Basically you take anything. Pattern, word, whatever. It just has to be printed on laser printer or printed from copy store. You place the pattern/image/word in the plastic folder/sheet+ foil paper (you see above in many rolls/colors) over it, run it through… bam. Foiled beautiful amazing fantastic pretty things happen.

cha (265) copy

I really like that there are pre-made shapes and designs as well as the ability to make your own. If you make a lot of party invites or really like the metallic look… well this might be your thing. I see so many applications for this. While I’m not sure if for my brand of crafting it’d be a good investment – I bet this will be a hit with MANY DIYers! The Minc is available now for pre-order (149.99) from Simon Says Stamp here.

cha (282) copy

When Heidi isn’t foiling up the world one sheet of paper at a time,¬†she’s striking all the hot trends and oh – her booth was so lovely. All minty greens and sparkly golds and white… LOVE!

First up, Marquee love. You’ve likely seen marquee lights up all over for sale – even Target had Christmas ones! But what you haven’t seen are ones less than $15 that you can customize!

cha (283) copy

I found these locally already (Michael’s craft store) and got one to test out. I’ll be sharing a video + tutorial here in a few weeks.

What else is new from Heidi? Honestly a LOT. She had so much going on, and her booth was PACKED so I didn’t get to see it all up close, and I didn’t photograph everything so just trust me – the girl is costing me money with this release.

cha (287) copy

Who was that smart girl who said we’d be seeing more embellishment fun kits? Oh yeah, me. Well Heidi doesn’t disappoint! These super cute pouches are full of treasures.

cha (294) copy

Also coming from Heidi super cute wood veneer accents, stickers,

cha (297) copy

Heidi also has a memory planner line. What I liked about this were all the card/scrapbook friendly embellishments!

cha (299) copy cha (300) copy

cha (301) copy

If sparkles, metallic, and cute things that are on trend and so very lovely are your thing – well you’ll want to pay attention to Heidi’s release.

cha (328) copy

I believe this is her strongest release in quite a while – and I’m excited to see + play with more of this stuff up close.

cha (749) copy

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  1. I ADORE the Marquee letters!! I would love to do my little girls name and the shapes?,,,,,AWESOME!
    Ooo I LOVE the glitter too! TFS May

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