Ohio Adventure: On hold

Hey guys. This photo was snapped (and snagged) off someone else’s instagram. 7am at my demo spot.


Anyhow, now it’s 11p and guess what? Executive decision: I need sleep more. So I will continue blogging my adventures on Monday/Tuesday since I guesstimate tomorrow will be another 15+ hour day of work.

Fun? OH YES. Loads of photos? CHECK. details to share? You bet.

Soon as the event is over- I promise!

now off to sleep before I need a wake-up call and more coffee… 5am comes early!

8 thoughts on “Ohio Adventure: On hold”

  1. Well, you look great! (Although if I were demo-ing inks in a white shirt, I guarantee you it would be multi-colored by the end of the day.) ; ) Definitely take care of yourself, and we’ll all be looking forward to those loads of photos you mentioned.

  2. So pretty … your Ohio blog updates are fascinating and fun!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. You look awesome for an early riser & brave to have your photo taken. I’d be hiding under a table! Can’t wait to read more about the adventure….I’m so envious!!

  4. It was great to get to meet you. Thanks for talking me into the falling snow stencil.

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