Ohio Adventure: Create day 1


6am and these fabulous folks were ready and waiting for the students to arrive! The students showed up too – many before even 6am to get in line for registration!


The first class started at nine – many enjoyed shopping and breakfast between registration and class 1.


Meanwhile, I was crafting at my table!


Oh and snapping pics of awesome Simon employees (and owner Heidi pictured below) at work.


As well as fellow demonstrators like Sandy from OWH amazing me with her mad copic airbrush skills. Some of her cards? Looked like they were store bought the color was so perfect. amazing!


I ordered up online between shoppers from Jimmy Johns so I could swing by quick and grab a cherry coke and 8″ of veggie heaven…


Which I then gulped down in my fortress of solitude (aka hotel room) before running back across the walkway to demo the afternoon away!

Meanwhile, students were being taught by Mr. Tim Holtz himself…


Over in the shop set-up, Kristina and Jennifer were demoing – at the same time!! These ladies manage to keep their hands clean…


I keep nothing clean!


These fabulous ladies were such a joy to spend time with – from working in classes to demos to answering questions – always smiles!


More demo fun when additional tables were set up in the hall – this really made me want to try copics but sadly I never did find time to sit down and learn. I really needed to take advantage of the talent here…


Oh but I had my own fun! Loads of inking, stenciling, and general mess making back at my table!


So much creative fun…


My fave ink pad too!


Here’s a few shots of the store to give you a feel for how it was set up.


I had the corner by the exit – I made myself a sign too – with handcut signature! I guess I’m just crafty like that.


Here’s more pics of my station…



If I was gone, Simon had this cute sign I could put up.


After a long day of good work from the whole team – time to kick back for a bit.


Some of these ladies I’ve had the pleasure of working with for years. Others I just met for the first time this weekend. It was wonderful to make new friends, have some time with friends I rarely see, and meet amazing ladies from all over the globe who share a love of craft.


I will toast to that!

Day two will get coverage tomorrow…


8 thoughts on “Ohio Adventure: Create day 1”

  1. love your pictures & everyone looks fabulous & full of fun & energy; I’d LOVE to take a class in copics & air brushing……………2 of my many dreams!

  2. Your “create” canvas looks amazing; will we get more pics of that? Do you think SSS will make this an annual event? I better start saving my pennies so i can go next year.

  3. May Flaum, I’ve followed you almost since you started blogging. Watching you grow and develop your style has been a joy. Knowing your story makes your success even more splendid. Here’s to many more years of sharing your creations.

  4. It was such fun to finally meet you! And where are the jelly beans?!?! I know I didn’t eat ALL of them. 🙂

    I identify more with your work space than with those “neat” folks. I get so much inspiration from the stuff laying all over my desk.

  5. Wow, awesome pictures and it looks like so much fun! Love the store set up, I would go crazy in there! Would you share what you used to make the green leaf pattern on the card with the green drops? Was it a stencil (maybe by Ronda?). I love that look. Thanks for sharing your photos!!

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