Simon Says Create: Day 2

The day started at 8am – without alarm. I figured I would sleep as long as I slept and apparently even swapping time zones I suck at sleeping in. When my stomach started growling I headed out…


I said to the lady “gonna need to try all the breakfast meats you have that are made of pig. Scrambled Eggs. Also biscuits. and coffee. She said “do you want fried apples too?” I said “I don’t know what that is – but absolutely yes.”

It was a wise choice! I also ended up with some cheesy hash browns. And can I just say: THANK YOU. When you order breakfast here they ask “do you want cheese on top of anything?” YOU KNOW I DO!

There was a method to the foods I ate – I made open-faced sandwiches out of the biscuits and dang. SO GOOD.

Next stop? Quick trip to the mall…

so apparently my husband wasn’t kidding. They really have stores devoted to Ohio State. I mean EVERYTHING from dog bandanas to baby announcements themed for the Buckeyes. WOW.

When I started contemplating free make-up gifts and make-overs at Sephora I went back to my room. Naughty me – I was supposed to be working! So work I did.


Finished re-checking some classroom updates and posting them, answered my emails… and waited (barely patiently) for the magic hour when the Simon crew would roll in for set-up!


I waited here for a while – isn’t this lovely?! This place – I’m telling you it’s so very nice they picked well!


Apparently during this waiting period when we headed to the pub for $2 blue moons and some pizza I forgot to take pics… so yeah. Sorry! But there was a lot of good catching up, chatting, and relaxing. The calm before the storm I suppose.


But then… it was time! Help was needed in the classrooms, and in the bathroom.


I mean SOMEBODY had to fill up alllllll those water bottles for students – so Kelly Marie (aka lovely lady behind Lawn Fawn) and I went to work. In the bathroom. A photo had to be taken.

We went to turn these in and who did we find?


That’s right! Tim, Mario, and Simon’s owner (Heidi) all hard at work. I helped the guys put together those baskets you see Tim loading up so that they would be prepped and ready for tomorrow’s classes.

As this finished up I wondered… what will I do now while I wait?! But wait no more! It was at last time to set up my demo table! I had to wait until they had the store fixed up so they would be sure that where I was going was a-ok and that nothing else needed to be moved.


Getting things sorted, fixing things up in my corner of the on-site store… and yep I have some GIANT bottles of water to see me through the day!

speaking of the store – it’s not ready yet! (but it will be – tomorrow!)


They had to tape up plastic and such to the door because eager students kept trying to come in! Not ready guys – sorry!! But so soon… just a few hours more.

The Simon team has so much going on and everyone was smiling and doing an amazing job. Love these guys and gals!


This is my sign (on my table) – basically it’ll be up whenever I’m not sitting there.


This is just one wee corner of my table – can’t wait!


Now that I’ve blogged and my nails are painted – time for sleep!! The alarm will go off in about 7hrs so I’m off to bed…

10 thoughts on “Simon Says Create: Day 2”

  1. May, I’m having so much fun reading your adventure. I sent this to my daughter in Ohio so she can read this too. I’m sure she’ll have a good laugh. We are from Calif. but she moved to Ohio 10+ years ago. She can relate to your observations.

  2. I’m having the best virtual trip! I so get your food moments! DH and I remember every trip, work or personal, by the food! Well, amongst other fun stuff! And we enjoy visiting “foreign” grocery stores, whether in the US or not, LOL! And I would kill for Cracker Barrel’s hashbrown casserole and peanut butter pie right now! I can, and have, made a meal out of those two! Too bad I moved 1.5 hours away from CB!
    Thank you so much for sharing your adventure. Looking forward to the next installment and hoping Simon will make this an annual event?

  3. It’s so interesting to see your take on Ohio. I’m from outside Dayton, Ohio and absolutely love Cracker Barrel and the Ohio State Buckeyes. We have a Cracker Barrel 10 minutes away, but only eat there occasionally or I’d be twice my size. And we really do take our Ohio State Bucks very seriously, especially in Columbus. And Tim Horton’s…love their chocolate on chocolate donuts. While you are here, you need to buy some buckeye candies. They are peanut butter dipped in chocolate and look like buckeyes. Love them!

    I hope you continue to enjoy your trip.

  4. It’s so fun to see the day before! I wasn’t allowed in until the store was ready for consumption.

    Your approach to breakfast is hysterical! I’ll take all your pig, and yes, that, too. What is it? You sound just like the class participants who NEEDED a product, then asked what it was. HAHAHAHA!

    So great meeting you this weekend. Let the stalking continue. 🙂

  5. I enjoyed seeing the setup pics! Lots of water bottles were used for sure! I am glad I got to meet you and enjoyed your demos. Fun to put a face to the blogger!!

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