CHA Winter 2014: The Crafter’s Workshop


It is no secret that I love stencils. Also? I love TCW! I’ve been buying their stencils for years, strongly recommend them as a company, and just all-around adore them.

TCW (1) copy

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer and Ronda Palazzari are back with new designs. MINI stencils. And loads of awesome.

TCW (15) copy

TCW (38) copy TCW (44) copy

Loving the designs and mix of patterns with Julie’s releases. Also really loving this new stencil of Ronda’s…

TCW (47) copy

You know I LOVE stencils that give me design elements for my backgrounds and such. Speaking of – TCW now has stencils by Rebekah Meier.

TCW (19) copy

the stencil above? I wanted to yank it off the wall and run home with it. I *love* her designs and more shockingly I’m loving the 12×12 as well as 6×6. Normally I’d only use the smaller size – but the way these are I see lots of use for the larger as well.

TCW (22) copy

I may have stared at them more than once.

TCW (26) copy

and talked my friends at Simon to carry a few of the 12×12 designs as well as the 6×6

TCW (30) copy

and then stared some more because I need them all immediately.

TCW (37) copy

*resumes waiting*

6 thoughts on “CHA Winter 2014: The Crafter’s Workshop”

  1. THanks for sharing this one too May! I hadn’t spotted their releases this clearly yet! Love TCW and I’ve become quite addicted to Ronda’s stencils in particular

  2. No! No! No! I was trying so hard not to see any of the new stencils. I’m such a sucker for them. These look amazing. Want them all!

  3. I love how you wanted to yank Rebekah Meier’s stencils off the wall because i had the exact same response to them (virtually of course, in photo and video). I even emailed TCW to see when I could get them because I didn’t see them on pre-order at ANY online stores. I keep staring at the pictures and watching Noell’s video multiple times. Something about those designs and how they are translated onto paper and the colors, and on and on…
    Thanks for sharing all the photos.

  4. I just placed an order for stencils from SSS after watching some of your videos in your Stencil class … now I need more!!

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