CHA Winter 2014: Webster’s Pages

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Adorable camper trailer vellum? sequins? new metal embellishments? trims? YES PLEASE!

That, in a nutshell, is how I feel about Webster’s Pages. With a total of SIX new lines including two from Allison Kreft there is a lot to love!

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I really don’t even need to type words for this post. Quite simply, there is just a load of lovely product coming!

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Shaped paperclips are making a comeback – and Webster’s has tons. Also seen in the booth – wood veneer pieces.

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party straws, cameos – so many details…

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Oh and the charms and embellishments – lovely!

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Another favorite – they have loads of these minibook kits. REALLY excited for these I think it would be loads of fun for an on-the-go type project.

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I adore this “Our Travels” Line with that cute little dear. A different spin on travel scrapbooking, that’s for sure!

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Oh and Sweet Routine. This is a “May” line if I ever saw one.

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The orchid color, the blues – I really love this!

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Here are pictures of the booth so you can get a feel for the lines overall.

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1073 copy

1076 copy

Which line to start with?! I really am not sure I just adore so many things, and I love seeing that Webster’s has really transitioned into products that aren’t just beautiful but also easy to use as well.

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