CHA Winter 2014: Melissa Frances

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The big news over at Melissa Frances is that they have teamed up with Jenny and Aaron of “Everyday is a Holiday” to create a beautiful product line.

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One emerging trend in the papercrafting industry (that I FULLY support and love) is that artists are getting together with manufacturers to create products that allow those of us who are less, shall we say artistically gifted, to take their talent and design and use it in our own creations. To be able to take drawings (turned stamps) and color, to use products that they design and recommend – it really is great for someone like me who can’t draw much more than a stick figure.

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Pictured above – Jenny and Aaron’s stamps a part of their “Sweet Life” line. Below, their lovely glitters!

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There are a lot of elements to this line and I really like that there will be many ways to use these products from traditional scrapbooking to making a mini book to mixed media creations and more.

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Melissa Frances was bursting with great new stuff – and this is a company that is doing a terrific job of blending all kinds of elements that are great for home décor, general crafting, card making, and so much more.

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a personal favorite – this mini muffin tin is going to have to come to live with me so that I can fill it with treasures on my desk!

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Also – I will need many of the resin accents including the cupcakes below.

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Pictured above is the other paper line (LOVE it!) as well as one of the bags that they now have. I think these bags (there were three colors available) are just begging to have a few flowers or other accents stitched onto them.

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  1. Melissa’s products always make me drool. For some reason they remind me of my mother and my childhood.

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