CHA Winter 2014: Dina Wakley for Ranger

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When I first heard that my friend Dina was Ranger’s newest signature designer I got really excited. Not just because she is my friend and I adore her tremendously, but also because she is so very talented and I could not wait to see what products she would come out with.

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The Dina Wakley Media line consists of stamps, stencils, paints, brushes, and a palette knife.

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My #1 favorite thing is the bird stamps.

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I’m slightly obsessed and going to apologize in advance because you are going to see them a LOT this spring once I can get my hands on a set!

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Also loving her stencil designs, and seeing how beautifully they work on art journals, tags, and more.

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She had a lot of great samples in the booth showing her stamps + stencils + paints in action together.

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Here you can see the colors (though due to show floor lighting expect that my colors are off a bit!)

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and the whole line…

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Her paints are thick (or is it heavy?) acrylic paints and I am interested to see how those work out for my paper crafting.

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A new emerging trend in paper crafting – one I’m totally into – is artists like Dina who are so very talented creating stamps based off their hand-drawn art. Not just that – but doing them in such a way that I (or anyone!) can simply stamp with black ink, then exercise our own creativity with coloring the image in however we see fit. As someone who simply is simply terrible at drawing I LOVE this.

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The Dina Wakley line is expected to ship in March (I believe the stamps/stencils might ship a bit earlier) to stores. When these paints are available I will be doing a video + review here on my blog.

Also – stay tuned because in a few days I’ll be posting some videos of Dina, Tim, and Dyan demoing product in the Ranger booth – and more on the Ranger booth as well!

6 thoughts on “CHA Winter 2014: Dina Wakley for Ranger”

  1. OMG….these are fabulous. I want to play with them now. It must’ve been sweet agony to see all those cool things and not be able to use with them. Kind of like when the kids went to the chocolate factory but couldn’t eat the sweets.

  2. I am putting myself on restriction until Dina’s line comes out….all of the stamps and stencils…are at the top of my list…paints in turquoise and blackberry …lime….must have those too!!! New brushes…a definite! I had the wonderful opportunity to take a few classes last year with Dina…what a wonderful lady!!! I am so happy for her new venture and know we will see much more from her in the future!

  3. I loved seeing this preview too. Thanks for sharing your awesome pictures and impressions. Michelle t

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