CHA Winter 2014: Chic Tags


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What has me laughing as I write this is that my post will not contain tags. Don’t let their name fool you – Chic Tags has so much more than simple journaling tags!

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With a super cute booth and two lovely new lines there was a lot to love in this booth.

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I really like that their lines have just a few papers, and lots of fun bits & pieces.

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Their booth had loads of lovely samples featuring their two new lines as well.

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Oh and the wood veneer shapes. SO lovely. One of the TOP products at the show, one of the most talked about items was their wood veneer sequins.


That is right. Wood. Sequins. Sign me up for six boxes right now! Speaking of things I need…

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Yeah sequins + bowtie stamps. I kind of wish the “spring goodness” wasn’t in there (that is a stamp I can never see using + don’t really see how it goes with sequins and a bow tie) – but no matter. I’m going to NEED that stamp set!!

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and the sequins… loads of the wood sequins…

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