“garage sale” 2013…

THIS IS DONE, ALL BOXES SPOKEN FOR. Please email mflaum@ comcast. net if you’d like to be wait-listed in case another becomes available. Thanks!


So I made it to the back of my studio closet.

If this sounds unimportant let me tell you I’ve not seen it in at least 4 months. It feels GREAT! Oh but the treasure I did find buried. I have a number of goodie boxes being packed up right now, that I’ll be offering for sale here Thursday at 5pm Pacific time (which is 8pm eastern time).

If you’ve gotten one of my garage sale type boxes in previous years then you know they’re PACKED with good stuff. The contents are extra class kits and supplies, paper, gently used stamps, new sticker sheets, and basically extra materials from classes, projects I was working on and needed materials for (but did not use them all) and that kind of thing. The value is HUGE – seriously. I’d estimate the value of each box is easily double what you’ll pay. I’m not posting photos as that would take loads of time + each is different – so you get the value price! Now some will have mini books or journals, some will have ribbons and trims, chipboard, bits and baubles, embellishments – each is unique! These are medium size flat-rate USPS boxes that are STUFFED.  I’m also throwing in a baggie of treasure from my big class bin – which is a mix of buttons, random treasure, and chipboard bits.

Bottom line these supplies need a good home and soon! Interested? The cost will be $39 and that INCLUDES priority shipping within USA. If you live outside of the USA email me and I will work out what the extra charge will be to your country and let you know.

THERE ARE ONLY A FEW BOXES!  THURSDAY JANUARY 3rd AT 5pm pacific time (8Eastern) I will post again and let you know how to get one of these boxes. If you are reading this via email/rss feed you need to visit www.mayflaum.com at that time to see the information – another email will not get sent out tonight (that’s not how feedburner works – so doing this evening post to make it fair for my email readers!) 

Happy Crafting!

8 thoughts on ““garage sale” 2013…”

  1. Wasn’t sure if I had missed something or not. I didn’t see another email about how to get one of you garage sale boxes but I sure am interested! God Bless and Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. As I said in the post- this post was a heads up and the sale will happen tonight. Info will be posted at that time. 🙂

  3. Got my box and was totally blown away! Couldn’t believe just how much you put in it. Thanks so much for sharing for such a reasonable price. Roseann

  4. May, My garage sale box arrived yesterday and I wanted you to know how pleased I am with this purchase. I received a box brimming over with neat supplies, many of which I had never used before. Thanks for your generosity. Jacalyn

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