I’m good with just some stories told.

As I clear stuff out and strive for a fresh start in the New Year, inevitably I’ve found unfinished projects, ideas I meant to see through, and stories I meant to tell already. The way I see it, I could take two approaches to all of the things I want to do.

A) I could be unsatisfied, upset with myself, and generally negative about the fact that I didn’t do a LOT of things yet that I want/need/feel compelled to do.

B) I could focus on the things that I HAVE done, and feel good about those. Then pick one small new thing to add to my ‘done’ list.

If you haven’t guessed – I choose (always and forever) B. The thing is, I’m full of ideas whether it is for creating or organizing or activities or recipes to try or whatever. I am baffled by the idea of EVER being inside my own home and saying “I’m bored”. It is simply something I can’t fathom. How could I be bored? There’s so very much I want to do! The potential problem is that I am so very busy in my brain, that I could get very down on myself for things I haven’t done if I dwelled on those.


For example – no, I’ve not printed the photos and scrapbooked the girls meeting the AMAZING chef Tyler Florence yet. We had an amazing afternoon and the girls were SO excited – that Rebecca couldn’t even speak. That almost never happens. Elizabeth was a bit more cool – because as she said “I’ve also met Bobby Flay, I know how to do this.” Um, and no. I haven’t yet settled in and scrapbooked that story either. EGADS! I’m a failure!

Nah, just kidding. The thing is, unless I devote my life to scrapbooking and NEVER leave this room, there will always be untold stories. The only way to ever ‘catch up’ on scrapbooking for me would be to literally not live a life with my family but just tell stories. Uh, if I did that… there would be no stories to tell! Also while I love to tell the tales of my life, I don’t want to make it into a chore where I *HAVE* to sit down daily and record every detail so that it is documented.

So while I have encounters with celebrity chefs and funny words the girls made up and 931838 vacation photos I’d love to scrapbook, I’m not going to stress or get down on myself. Instead I’m going to enjoy the last layout I made, celebrate the fact that my studio is re-arranged again and clean, and go hang with the girls today. Maybe take them out to do something fun.

Because the stories will be here for me to tell, and odds are my brain will still be firing its usual 8474891482 ideas at me every minute. The key to my crafting happiness, is to celebrate that I am creating something (big or small) every single day in some way. And not get caught up in what anyone else is doing or how much I haven’t yet done.

I have found, not just in crafting but in all areas of life, it pays to look at the silver linings. To count your blessings. Somehow, when you do this instead of seeking out the negative it manages to makes everything better. Attitude, perception, and well, just life in general gets brighter. That negative stuff is always going to be around – but you don’t have to feed it with a lot of attenton or time. Give your energy to the good stuff, make that the focus. It always helps my creative process – and all areas of life!

Now I’m off – I have some new ideas (including goodie bags to give and hand out at CHA!), a trip to IKEA, and some crafty time to work into today’s schedule…

17 thoughts on “I’m good with just some stories told.”

  1. Thanks for the great reminder….I’m pretty hard on myself most of the time. One of my goals for 2013 is to embrace pleasure…and looking for the silver lining is a good way to do that.

  2. Well said May! Give my energy to the good stuff, put my focus there…timely words. Blessings on your day!

  3. Great post, May! It applies to all areas of life, not just crafting. There are always more things “to do” than time to do it and it’s too easy to feel like a “failure” by dwelling on things undone rather than our small “victories.” BTW I think I have as many vacation photos I intend to scrapbook as you do! :0)

  4. Very wise, May. It’s been said so many times but I can’t tell you how fast the years before your children are grownup go by. My memories of those years remain however and I love having them in my heart to enjoy whenever I like. If you don’t make time to build those memories when they’re little, you’ve lost out forever.
    It’s funny – I just texted very similar advice to my 35 year old daughter last night. Enjoy all the ‘little’ things.In your words, celebrate projects finished and don’t stress about those undone. Enjoy something while you’re doing it and don’t ruin that by worrying about the ‘undone’ at the same time.
    Not always easy advice to follow but well worth starting each day with the intent of following it.
    Enjoy your girls today!

  5. Wow May, I can relate to everything you said and you said it so well. Good words to live by…thanks:)

  6. May, great post!! So wise. IMHO, you have the right perspective. Enjoy your day with your girls today!!

  7. I think you read my mind May. Boredom is not in my vocabulary, and I’ll never have sufficient time to attend to the ideas that flood my brain. On the up side of this is that I don’t have time to dwell on the smaller upsets of life. Can’t complain about that.

  8. Ahh May, once again, you come forth with wise words and sage advice! Thank you so much for reminding us, that you have to live your life too!

  9. What a great post. I cannot understand being bored either – there are always so many things you could be doing. I feel so glad that I have scrapped the stories I have done so far. I don’t get caught up in the all the things I should have done either. In the past I have been negative about things in my life but I am in the process of turning this around. This year my word is CHOOSE and following on from a BPC class with Elise Blaha Cripe, I am going to choose some goals one month at a time. This month I will focus on the positive and look for those silver linings. Thanks for being such a positive, inspiring person and sharing it with us all.

  10. Very clever life philospphy! I agree 100% with what you say “it pays to look at the silver linings and count your blessings’ way to go girl!

  11. You have it right,May, and when those girls are grown up they will always be your best friends, will love you forever, want their children to know their cool grandma, and when you are old they will care for and about you just as you care for them now! It’s a forever investment in love and life, so you go girl! Live it!

  12. Another great post from sage May. Hope you had a wonderful day with your beautiful girls. Thanks for sharing your creative ideas and words of wisdom.

  13. Great post! Love that the girls met Tyler. They look so cute in the photo. I find that all the unfinished stuff served a purpose. I got my craft on and it didn’t work or it didn’t grab my attention enough to finish it. So true about the silver lining; life is for living and making the memories. What we get documented is gravy. Love you post.

  14. Love your post and agree 100%. I just look at people when they say they are bored. How can that be? Can’t understand it at all. One of my favorite t-shirts says, “Live, Laugh, Make a Memory then Scrapbook”.
    Which says it all. If you don’t live first, there is nothing to scrapbook.

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