I’ve got still a bit more holiday ho-ho-ho giving to come… but first a few winners to announce…

Quinna (confessions of a shopaholic) and Christine C (my book + mm magazine) shoot me an e-mail (mflaum (at) comcast (dot) net) to claim your prizes!

I hope you all had a merry Christmas! The girls and I spent most of the day without power… needless to say that means that I’ve not uploaded or edited photos like I hoped to yet, but it’s coming soon.

7 thoughts on “winners!”

  1. Merry Christmas May! We spent the better part of Christmas Eve without power…no fun. Looking forward to seeing your photos.

  2. Gosh no power – that would be hard with the cold weather you have, here it just means we fire up the BBQ for dinner lol.
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas – looking forward to seeing some pics.
    Thanks for picking me for your books – I can’t wait to get hold of them.
    I will send through contact details – thanks so much.

  3. Oh no power and two little ones to entertain! I think I would have gone stir crazy!

    Congrats to the gals that won the books, you will both love them all! I have all three already and they’re great!

  4. No power, sounds like it could have been either a layed back Christmas or a stressful one. Hope it was good though.

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