the scary princess.

I got Elizabeth this super lovely and cool horse that walks with the wave of a want. Totally magical- I love it and so does she. She’s having a lot of fun playing with her.


(but) she wishes she had the princess aurora doll that matches. I can dig that, and she has Christmas money to spend so what better way? I picked up the doll (who comes with fairies- so cute) today.


Alright, here’s where the scary comes in. If you lift the lovely “Princess Aurora who’s last name must be Sleeping Beauty” ‘s dress you see this.


Bionic Sleeping beauty? It creeps me out just a bit, and I’ve nicknamed her scary princess. Of course she isn’t my doll, so I am keeping my opinions to myself. Except to share with you.

Hoping you had a holiday full of magic, wonder, happiness, and just a touch of the scary. Because it wouldn’t be Christmas here without something odd!

12 thoughts on “the scary princess.”

  1. I have to agree…definately a “scary princess”. Just have to have her keep her dress down. lol

    sounds like you’ve had a great Christmas.

  2. Pony is cute, princess is scary! We actually didn’t have anything scary. What we did have was parent disappointment in daughter’s new digital camera. We researched and looked and finally decided on the Polaroid Pixie since it’s intended for age 6 and up and had a good megapixel rating. The pictures look the same as the ones that come from my cell phone. But she loves it so I think we’ll let her keep it. I just won’t be able to use any of the pictures as they are all bad!

  3. Um, yikes! I have this phobia about dolls and this one doesn’t help LOL. Good thing it’s not my doll either! Cool about the pony and the wand. One thing I missed since I don’t have a girl. 🙁 Enjoy!

  4. This doll IS scary~but not as weird as the Barbie set Pioneer Woman bought for her daughter that has a dog that eats brown pellet “food” and then makes brown pellets out the other end…. that you then have Barbie pick up with her “scooper” and then feed to the dog again!
    My boys each got a plastic toy in their stocking from Grandma that is as gross bot not as sophisticated~you load up the back end of the deer or polar bear and lift the tail or push down to make it squat a jelly bean for you! That was our scary/odd part of Christmas!

  5. She is scary! Dolls tend to creep me out, anyway, but this one would really get the creep going! I’m with doverdi – make that doll keep her dress down!

  6. My thoughts exactly Amy, at least she’s wearing underwear. It looks a little Austin Powers/ Elizabeth Hurley to me. Fem bots for preschoolers? My little girl is a mere 8 months old, I’m sure I have no idea what’s in store for our household!

  7. OMG that is so weird and scary. . . What happen to the days when dolls did nothing but what we could imagine?

  8. Wonder why they made princess scary??? Maybe Elizabeth will not notice!!! Hope you had a Merry Christmas .

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