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My entire childhood I read a lot. Trips to the library plus my own personal books… I read many, many books. Then from about 18-21 I didn’t really read at all. Looking back I think it was probably just that something had to give- after all learning to be an adult, living on your own, and going through all I did in those years it’d be easy to forget about the joys of reading.

Then one day I was flying somewhere (by myself- probably to visit family) and I decided to buy a book to pass the time. I chose Confessions of a Shopaholic, and my love of reading was reignited, and remains strong to this day.

Since it’s winter break and all, I thought I’d share about the books I’ve read in the last few weeks…

1fifth So finally I read 1 Fifth Ave (Candace Bushnell), and it was indeed really good. She covers stories of numerous women (and men) some of whom only have in common is the building (1 fifth). It was hard for me to get really into it at first, and I really couldn’t relate personally to any of the characters, nor did I root for any of them. (hard to feel sorry for the ungrateful rich obsessed with getting more, ya know?) That said- I totally enjoyed this book and could see reading it again. She has such a way with words and developing characters, and the way she carefully winds the stories and lives together is masterful and makes for a very interesting read. I’d recommend it for sure.

Next up I read Agnes and the hitman. I’ve picked up and put down this book so many times. Why? Well it’s co-authored by a man… and I only like about 4 male authors (dead and alive)… so I had major reservations. That said, I adore Jennifer Cruise’s style and so finally one day in Target I gave in and purchased it. It’s been  sitting on my shelf for 2 months now, and last week I finally picked it up and read it. Conclusion? LOVED IT! The mob, secret government agencies, hit men, and one frying pan wielding (kinda bad ass) love able cook named Agnes. Of course it’s got some romance going on, but there is action, adventure, and mystery too. I was beyond pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this- almost as much as I liked Olivia Joules… but that’s another story for another post.

The third book I’ve read recently is just one of the guys. I’ll give this a thumbs up too- and it’s by Kristan Higgins, an author I’ve not tried before. I really liked reading about a woman so very different than the usual heroines- I mean she’s nearly 6″ tall, and very much the athlete/non-pink type girl- often described as amazonian! While I had a hard time really picturing Chastity (our heroine) I really liked her and it was fun reading about her and her family of firefighters. (actually the first book I’ve read where it’s built around fire fighters- surprising, I know!) It was unique, interesting, and I’m glad I made a trip to borders to pick it up. Overall it was super fun.

shopaholic So if you’re like me winter break is going to = READING TIME! Maybe you need a book to get you started? To share with one of you, I’m giving away the book that got me back into reading as an adult. That’s right, confessions of a shopaholic. Just leave a comment to be entered, and I’ll draw a winner on the 26th. Winner drawn!

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  1. I read heaps too, all the time! I am currently re-reading all the Anne books (Green Gables through to Ingleside) and loving them all over again. Alternating these with Katie Fforde, who writes lovely light funny stories that have a happy ending (the best kind). No brain food here, just enjoyment! Happy Christmas May & family from the MacG-Scho’s here in New Zealand.

  2. I LOVE to read too! I couldn’t imagine not having books in my life. My mother (she’s 84) is still an avid reader & I can thank her for instilling in me a love for reading. She used to read the Bobbsey Twins (a chapter or two a night) to us as a bedtime story. I even read my favorites again & again. Like you I have very few male authors that I read. I can also thank you for getting me hooked on Sophia Kinsella & Stephanie Plum (I read all 14 Plum books & 3 inbetween Plums during October & November.) Don’t enter me in the RAK as I already have that book & LOVE it.

    Merry Christmas to you & your family.

  3. I love to read tho I do feel guilty since if I’m reading nuthing else is getting done & I do have quite a few projects started in my scraproom. But on the plus side I have finished 5 mini albums and 2 full size albums this past few week for Christmas so I deserve a break and a good book!
    Merry Christmas May!

  4. I have not read a book in about 3 years! Sad but true. I have been working so hard on my degree that I have not had time or really set aside the time. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Don’t enter me May as I already have ALL of Sophie’s books. I absolutely adore her stuff. She’s got a couple of books that aren’t about Becky as well. Did you know that Shopaholic is a new movie as well?

  6. We’re all readers in this house, except for hubby doesn’t really get into books much. But the kids have my love of reading! It makes me so proud to see them reading because they want to and not just because they have to! Even Jake the 9yr old boy, he is always bringing books home from the library and I swear we keep Scholastic in business! Chloe just finished reading Twilight…kinda had some trepidation about her reading it (she’s 12) but she did and is ready for the next one now.

    Reading can take you so many places!

    Merry Christmas May to you and the family, give them all hugs from us!

  7. I love to read as well. I try to sneak in reading time on my lunch and breaks at work but I don’t get much done at home…too many distractions.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas celebration today 🙂

  8. I enjoy reading tons…for a while after my first child was born 7 years ago until about the time he turned 5 I rarley made the time for reading. I regret that but since have redeemed myself and have been reading like a mad woman for the past couple years now. I vowed to always make the time for reading because it is one of my favorite things.
    Enjoy your celebration today and a Very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  9. I also rarely read books by men. Does that make me sexist? Reading is my past time. Andrew gives me a hard time about it because he rarely reads anything that’s not on the internet.

  10. I am a reading fool !!!! I received the book I won and have it half read its great !!!!!!! This book is one on my reading list – I just dont know why I never pick it up

    Merry Christmas !!!

  11. Thanks for the recommendations. I’m going to read One Fifth AVe to start! No need to enter me in the drawing. I love the Shopaholic Series and have read them all! Enjoy you reading time!

  12. I love to read too but it sounds like you read a lot faster then I do LOl. Thanks for the chance & have a very Merry Christmas!

  13. I have not read that book. I too am a recovering bookaholic. I read alot as child, then I decided to major in History at BYU and had to read tons of books, 10 a semester, and it kinda killed my love of reading. It was Twilight last December that ignited my love of reading again. I enjoyed that series sooo much that I remembered how fun it is to read a good book. In one year I’ve read about 20 books, seriously. I no longer watch tv which is good. Sorry for the long post. Have a Merry Christmas.

  14. Okay I am raising my hand because I love to read but I have not read any of her books as of yet . . . Thanks for the chance and have a Merry Christmas May.

  15. Okay, from one book lover to another…seriously awesome! My sweet hubby loaded me up with a bunch of books from my book list this Christmas and I am so excited to dive in!

  16. I am so guilty of buying books and leaving them on the shelf! I have picked up and put down “Reading Lolita in Tehran” a gazillion times. As a matter of fact, it’s in a bag at my feet right now!

    I go on reading binges too. So relaxing to read for fun. No more Lit major anothologies for me! Yay!

    (Mental note: next year, ask for Borders and Barnes & Noble gift cards! Duh!)

  17. Just picked up about 15 books at the library…hoping to read at least half of them before they are due! 😉 Thanks for the book suggestions!

  18. Hi May, I find it very interesting that you (and some of your commentors) mainly read books by female authors as I am the complete opposite, loving books by John Grisham, James Patterson, Johnathan Kellerman, Stephen KIng, Dean Koontz and on and on. Now would be a good time to convert me…thanks for the chance. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  19. Books are my closest friends! I have one in my purse and at least 3 in my tote when I travel. and I have one in my car at all times- Suprisingly, I’ve never heard of thse authors, cause I read anything that I can get my hands on! Thanks for the recommendations- I’ll add it to good reads and pick it up next time I’m in BN. thanks for the chance to win. Hope your dayw was merry!

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