nov 15

So, had a mild FREAK OUT yesterday when I realized we’re half way through November and I am so not ready for the holidays. I’m known for sending out some of the earliest cards, having all gifts shipped before Thanksgiving, and having my home decorated by Sunday night (after Thanksgiving). So to be less than 2 weeks from T-day… well… panic set in.

Now rather than sit in a corner and rock and mumble to myself I got up and did some stuff! While E was at preschool becca and I went out Christmas shopping for the various relatives I need to ship my gifts to. I was impressed with how much ground we covered WITHOUT my christmas planner. Plus- we had so much FUN!

Why no planner? Can’t find it! Oh well, moving on. I already got the girls their Christmas dresses weeks ago with intent to take photo around nov  2 or so for cards. That NEEDS to get done asap so I can start working on the cards. I will send cards with a photo  of girls inside, and I like to start writing those out/addressing/etc. by Nov 15 normally. Sooo…


C’mon girls let’s go take pictures!


E, when I said to cover your privates I don’t mean like that, I mean sit like a princess. (sigh) this ‘aint workin.


This is my favorite photo because it’s so random that they both have same sad sap look. Plus anybody who knows me knows that I take quick, painless photo shoots with my girls. 10min maximum start>finish. They are actually quite happy here- I think I just caught them off for a moment.


See- lil B is showing off that blue M&M. nice. That’s not gonna work. Ok, I’m going to try one more thing before giving up and running back into the house crying…


GOTCHA! Everyone in focus, smiling, no weird stuff going on… yes sir this will do. PHEW! Off to Costco to pick up the prints!!

PS- I can’t recommend being an early (holiday) bird enough. JUST DO IT. Come December you’ll be SO GLAD that you did because then you can relax and just enjoy the season. 🙂

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  1. Too cute! What a great photo shoot of the girls. (another cute LO idea). So glad that you finally got such a cute pic of the girls in their Christmas dress. It’s such a cute picture.

  2. love the cute dresses! I need to get started on the photo shoot thing now, it’s getting harder to get a decent photo w/both of my two year old twins! I remember when you were blogging about being pregnant w/ E and now she’s running around! Time does fly!

  3. Cute photo, I try to get one every year of my boys with the dog. It is always fun. Sometimes I send out the ones of them pulling the hair, head lock and great tail shot of the dog. That’s my boys…..

  4. We actually went to a photo studio to take a family picture for the X-mas cars…what a waste of a lot of money!! I wish I would have thought to do my own at home and take it to Costco! I just wanted a family picture, but it’s so hard to do! But…even at the portrait place…they could barely get her to smile! So, we got one ok shot. That’s what I’ll be using! I like to do things early too. But, I’m not that early!
    That’s a really cute photo of the girls! Glad you were able to get that done!

  5. I am with you May! I have started making my cards, done lots of Christmas shopping and plan to have most things wrapped up by December so that we can go out and enjoy the Holiday season. Cannot stand the last minute rushing around…it stresses me out.

  6. What a gorgeous photo!!! I do Christmas photos for my cards every year too .. must get onto that now!!! Thanks for the reminder May!!

  7. When you posted your “More evidence…” a few days ago I was hoping we would get to see that adorable Red & black Damask dress modeled by your Cutie-Patooti~YAY~thank you! Your girls are so beautiful.

  8. ha. i love the photo shoot story.
    the third photo made me giggle.
    “why so serious, girls?”

    love the final photo too… it will be perfect.

    can i just confess that every holiday season i get slightly disappointed that i’m not married and can’t take a cute photo to send off in christmas cards. ah well. soon enough i guess. ha.

  9. I love the “sad” photo..looks like they are “reflecting” or contemplating some serious stuff !

    I’ve been doing my kids Christmas photo’s for a few years now. Sometimes in front of the tree…somestimes out front on the bench by the big snowman amidst the snow etc.. ya just never know where they’ll end up.

  10. What great pictures May! We had a heck of a time at the photographer getting the twins to settle down enough to get a decent shot of all five of us.

  11. You know what happened to your planner right? You cleaned your space and it’s in hiding. Every single time I do a major clean up I lose something important. No way around it, it’ll show up after the holidays when things get messy again.

    Beautiful girls you got there.

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